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 Welcome to The Book Coach Says…

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October, 2000

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In This Issue

  • Teleclasses&emdash;The most cost effective, quickest and easiest way to stay on top of your career, business and life skills.
  • Coach's Corner
  • Special Offer: Book Marketing Make Over
  • San Diego Seminars
  • Tip: Need Statistics for your book or article?


Teleclasses: Get cost-effective solutions to questions you need answered now!

No dress code. No travel. No traffic. No parking problems. No computer. No time wasted.

No large expenses.

Teleclasses or long distance learning, are interactive training classes conducted over the telephone much like a conference call. During the teleclass you will receive timely tips, tools, strategies, resources and techniques from professionals to benefit you immediately. They are the most cost-effective, quickest and easiest way to stay on top of your career, business and skills. Conducted exclusively by telephone, they resemble a conference call. You can register through 800 numbers, through Internet sites, and through print advertising. You can listen from all over the world.


Get expert guidance from professional coaches and learn from others' experience as if you were in the same room.

Many of these short, focused learning experiences are free, most are low cost.


Got an hour? Some Important Teleclasses Coming:

CoachCentral, a group of four national experts, work with speakers and writers who want to take their careers to the next level. We provide coaching, consulting, and connections to help you find your market. We are sponsoring a free teleclass on Oct 2 at 4PM pacific time titled: "How to Succeed in the Speaking Business." Email [email protected] for the telephone number of the class or visit her Web site for more information. Mark your calendar for my one hour "How to Write Your Book Fast" on January 8, the same time. has various courses available. Go to their Web site and browse. Wayne Perkins, author/publisher of 12 eBook titles selling in 5 formats presents "Write and Sell Your First eBook on Oct 3 and 6 at 5 pacific standard time. Dial the bridge direct at 407/318-2762. You pay only the cost of your phone call. has various teleclasses available. Go to their Web site to browse. You may want to subscribe to their newsletter too at [email protected] It's loaded with useful tips.

Marketability offers teleclasses such as "Sizzling Secrets of the PR Pros," and "Ready, Set...Promote? Register at 1/888-55-twist or email at [email protected]

Teleclass International can be reached through their Web site at They provide a variety of classes and certify coaches.

[email protected] offers a great newsletter called "Creating Effortless Lifestyles." Ask about a telebridge rental at [email protected]

Do you want to offer teleclasses but don't know where to find a telebridge: Most of these sites offer a telebridge rental.

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Book Coach's Corner


What will a book coach do for you?

"Thank goodness I found Judy Cullins," says Judy Fujuwa, author of (Almost) Everything You Need to Know...about Early Childhood Education. I would compare her to a combination producer, director and state manager of a stage production. "She gives you suggestions, guidance, challenges and a FOCUS...all the while allowing you to feed, grow and flourish on your path to becoming a "bloomin' author."


Special Offer/Book Marketing MakeOver

Haven't sold the books you want to? Can't do it all? I can help you focus on the best three marketing paths, customized to your needs and personality. Three "no frills" 20 minute sessions for $225. Prepay and book dates by credit card before October 30.

"Any Journey is Easier With A Partner"
Judy Cullins, M.A.


About the author

Judy Cullins, M.A. has written and sold over 20 self-help and writing books. Her 20 years of experience as a teacher, speaker, coach, and columnist give Judy the expertise to help writers with their next step in book writing, publishing, or promoting.

Copyright 2000. This content may be reprinted or forwarded in full with author's name and contact numbers.

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