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Welcome to The Book Coach Says…
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September, 2000

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Write a Small Book for Large Profits

Want to write a book, but don't have the time, money or resources? Why not write a small book?

What is Small Book?

Small books can be booklets or guides (up to 49 pages), special reports (5-25 pages--even 190!), and the e-book (5 to 100 plus pages).

Dispelling Publishing Myths

1. You need an agent or big publishing house to help market your book and make big money. Not anymore. Since big publishers don't look at unknown authors, now is the time to look at what they really do for you. Dan Poynter, self-publishing guru says that if a publisher can't sell four times as many books as you can, you're better off selling it yourself. Its also a good way to test market your book. If it sells well, like over 10,000 in a year, they will probably look at your book. Leave behind traditional agents and publishers who choose only 1-2% of the authors' submissions, and if you are the "chosen" you may not make much money after printing, bookstore, distributor, wholesaler and other expenses--probably $2 on a $14 book. Yes, you get an advance, but your sales must meet that and more. And after one initial book tour, the trainee marketing person lets go of you. Then, your books will fly off the bookstore shelf as returns unless you devote a lot of time to marketing them.

Book Publishing is a new game today. Think self-publishing where the profits are all yours. Self-publishing is in. Thanks to Dan Poynter of the Self Publishing Manual for giving us permission to do part of the task ourselves. If you self-publish and decide to print, you need only print the copies you need (3-500) with the new technology Print on Demand (POD) or Print Quality Needed (PQN). No more unsold cartons of books in your closets or garage. You print as you go leaving enough cash flow to market your book splendidly.

2. To be a respected author, you must invest thousands of hours of time on your full-length book. The reality is that people today want concise and useful information. You don't have to write a 200 page book to be a real author. Remember The One-Minute Manager and the One-Minute Salesperson? Around one-hundred pages.

People want information fast and convenient. Most of my over 20 self-help and writing books are small. Some are "how to" reports. They have given me a generous and regular flow of income over the years. I don't even have to be present to win, because now, they are on my web site, and soon will be on others' web sites. To see holistic health and lifeskills books and free articles go to To see the writing, publishing and book promotion books and free articles go to marketing. Look for discounts on Health-in-a-Box and Writing Kits.

3. You must spend your life's savings on your book to get it into the hands of your readers. To print your 165-page book, you must order over 1500 copies from your printer to get enough discount to make money on it. Yet, even 1500 copies at $2 is $3000. That's a lot of cash for anyone to put out all at once.

When you print small runs with Print on Demand (POD), you maintain a comfortable cash flow. You don't have to maintain a high inventory.

You save even more money if you don't print your book. Book publishing is going Internet. You can write small books in less time, market them easily and inexpensively and reap sooner profits. Try a e-book. It can be downloaded, it takes no printing costs because your buyer prints or downloads it. You don't even have to have the whole book finished to sell it. Just include your table of contents at the end of each chapter and present it as an e-serial book. I just bought my first one, and love that it comes in small doses easy to digest. The price is usually discounted too.

About the author

Judy Cullins, M.A. has written over 20 self-help and writing/marketing books and special reports selling over 85,000 copies. Her experience over the past 20 years includes speaking and book coaching, giving over 80 writing and book marketing seminars a year, and producing 10 published clients in 1999.

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