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The Book Coach Says - Judy's Best Ezines
  • Bring Out the Natural Writer in You
    May 2007
  • Ten Top Reasons Authors Need a Web Site
    December 2006

  • Top Q and A To Help You with Your Book or Marketing Project Decisions
    November 2006

  • Seven Ways to Select a Book Topic That Sells
    October 2006

  • Write Your eBook Fast - First Steps to the Finishing Line
    September 2006

  • Want Help to Get Started and Finish your Book?
    August 2006

  • Got a Book or Business to Market?"
    April 2006

  • Top 10 Ahas Business Client Has About Marketing Resistance
    March 2006

  • The Top Five Writing Mistakes Professionals Make
    February 2006

  • Is Finishing Your Book Your New Years Resolution?
    January 2006

  • Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Write Another Book
    November 2005

  • Comparing Book Publicity: Submitting Articles Online, Press Releases, Book Signings and Blogs
    October 2005

  • Realize Your Book Dream This Year
    September 2005

  • Top Ten Getting Started Tips to Market your Book and Business
    August 2005

  • Writing Articles Sells Books
    July 2005

  • Shorten Your Journey to Book Success With Teleclasses
    June 2005

  • How to Finish Your Self-Published Book Fast!
    May 2005

  • Ten Reasons to Market your Business Online
    March 2005

  • Should Authors Have a Blog?
    February 2005

  • Realize your Book Dream in 2005!
    January 2005

  • How to Edit your Articles as You Write
    October 2004

  • Why Testimonials are #1 in Selling your Book or Service
    April 2004

  • How to Build and Sell your eBook at the Same Time
    October 2003

  • What Makes One Book Outsell Another?
    May 2003

  • Format Each eBook Chapter Before you Write It
    April 2003

  • Sell More Books With Your Sparkling Introduction
    July 2002

  • Book Promotion Myth--The Best Place to Sell Books are the Bookstores
    October 2001
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