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How to Get Testimonials From the Rich and Famous

Free Report - How to Get Testimonials from the Rich and Famous

Authors want buyers! Buyers want a sure bet your book will solve their challenges. More than any other copy, testimonials increase ebook sales. When people see testimonials from names they recognize and trust, they accept your book. The "lookie-loos" turn into buyers!

Even if your book or service is excellent, it won't sell well unless you give your potential customers a reason to buy. From the book Write your eBook or Other Short Book -Fast! you know that the back cover where you place testimonials is the number two "Essential Hot-Selling-Point." Without the author knowing these, the book may not sell well.

Testimonials work harder than other promotional words, so start collecting them early. You can ask for them for your teleseminars, your books, your services, your product and service sales letters on your site and email, and your blog.

Inside this Special Report...

  • Back Cover Testimonials
  • Website and Email Sales Letter Testimonials
  • Preparing for your Request
  • How to Get Those Testimonials
  • How to Write a Testimonial Request
  • How to Make it Easy for your Reviewer to "Buy"
  • Kind Words from Others...

    "Judy is an expert in her field. She has worked with a couple of my clients and I can tell you that their comments were - "she is quick, kind, direct and to the point" - "definitely worth the investment""
    Jan Payne
    Attracting Possibilities
    "Judy is a phenomenal author and writer and is constantly coming up with great useful articles and ideas for expanding a business or getting the most from your writing. Great results, an expert, very creative."
    Eugene Matthews

    This special report is one of the most popular reports by Judy Cullins.

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