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What’s your Favorite Book Promotion and Why?

Here’s my 9 best online promotion tips…

1. Create 5-10 informational and how to articles for that is a high traffic site, so more of your audience will see your information, your resource box that offers a free eBook, newsletter, special report, or YouTube tips at your site. Submit them either to a high-traffic directory or your own blog the minute your book-selling website is finished.

2. Create your book-selling website or add a sales letter to your business website. When your article readers visit your site, they also need a reason to buy, so be sure to put up a strong, short sales letter with plenty of testimonials.

3. Know the BIG 3 Marketing Machine that is still the # one way to get big sales. 1. Create a selling website. 2. Submit once a week an article that shows you as the expert to high-traffic sites and blogs. 3. Write a stellar book that really engages your best audience-and shows you as the savvy expert.

4. Install a Word Press Blog or facsimile to show your expertise and your book before you publish and afterwards. Make your blog interactive and request comments giving them a link.

5. Comment on other high-traffic blogs that reach your particular audience. If you aren’t sure who your best audience is, get some coaching help, as this is so important to time-saving promotion.

6. Create a twitter account and start sharing tips from your expertise. Also stay in touch with your core audience there or gurus in your field. Connect your twitter tweets to show up at your Facebook fan page and your profile page on Linkedin.

7. Create a Facebook Fan Club and Put up a business profile there. From this, your tips and interactive conversations will make you stand out from others.

8. Send how to tips (5-7) from your book in press releases. They’ll be more likely to get published.

9. Join 5-10 groups in Linkedin who are your preferred audience, and comment when you can to show your wisdom.

People are more interested in you first, your book and/or your services, second.

  • Natasha Brooks

    Thanks the these tips, Judy. I am a recruitment professional and have just published my first book. Knowing how to sell recruitment services is one thing - promoting a book online is something else! Your comments are extremely useful and I sincerely thank you for sharing them.
    Natasha Brooks

  • Judy Cullins

    Natasha, Glad you like thee tips. I have another coaching client with a similar book and business to market. These tips expanded are the ones I coach on in individual 30 min sessions for each skill set. If you need more specific help, you can check out my 30 minute coaching sessions at

  • Dana Lynn Smith

    Great tips, Judy. Doing guest posts on other blogs is another terrific way for authors to get exposure to their target markets.

    Dana Lynn Smith, The Savvy Book Marketer

  • Zhana

    Excellent points, particularly about using testimonials. I don't think I've done this fully enough yet. Thanks for this.

  • Klarque Garrison

    Thank you so much Judy!! I'm out there marketing my book with determination and earnest! I thought I had my ducks in a row, but your suggestions let me know there's still much to do! thanks for keeping me in line!! :-)

    D.K. Garrison

    "How To Survive The Next 365"

  • Judy Cullins

    Dana , thanks for the added tip. I'm thinking that blog posts on the right blogs for your book will help attract your audience.

    Maybe this is like my advice to post tips and comments to groups in Linkedin.Since doing so, my web stats are up 57% and my coach clients growing just right for me.

    It's important for us all to measure our results, or we won't know which path is working enough for all our energy.

  • Judy Cullins

    DK Garrison, Glad to help you out with freebies.

    And if you want specific help in actual right steps to do in the right order, check out my short bk marketing coaching session at

    You will find that with a little of my help, you'll save a lot of time and energy doing the ineffective actions.

    And if you are a self-starter, see my Linkedin book at

  • Steve Miller


    Great post! On sending news releases, do you send free releases that primarily get out on Google News, etc., or paid releases? What company do you recommend?

    J. Steve Miller

    President, Legacy Educational Resources

    Author of Enjoy Your Money! How to Make It, Save It, Invest It and Give It

    "The money book for people who hate money books."

  • judy cullins

    Hi J.Steve, Thanks for the kind words. From recent experience working with a big publicist-she was to send news releases to the internet pr places, and not one of them got used. So with my copywriting experience and her connections, these should have worked, but were a waste of time.

    I'm not likely to recommend this free promotion for book authors. The ones I did that worked were for my speaking and short how to talks about the topic, where I could sell books at the front of the room.

    Now, I love eBooks and sell them everywhere including at talks, and love social media and the blog as getting well known and trusted. My purpose is to convice my audience that these tips work, and that also need some feedback and coaching to move their project to the money zone.

    I will go to your site now and check out your book. I for one, work happy and play happy and enjoy my money for those 3-4 trips a year-coming in Oct. I'm off on my third blues cruise. And my partner and I travel to foreign countries once a year.

  • Steve Miller


    Thanks for the response! (Sorry for noticing it so belatedly.)

    I've had mixed results with press releases - some paid and some free, some with a large, respected company and sometimes with smaller. I think a lot of the success depends on how many people actually pay attention to their releases. It's not how many people they have on their list, but how many people actually read them and are likely to respond.

  • judy cullins

    Steve, All I can say is use a blog and promote it with social media groups at LInkedin in you niche. FB Ok too. What is your niche?

    Learn alot more with my free weekly how to's at

  • Ronnie Dauber

    Judy, these are excellent tips and I appreciate you sharing them. I already do many of them but there are some that I hadn't really been aware of until now. Thanks, Judy……ronnie

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