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    You Dabble with Article Marketing

    Are you a dabbler? Do you send out an article to a few ezines, a directory every so often, but haven't made article marketing a priority. "One of these days" is not a day of the week, so put down your article marketing plan each day of the week in your organizer;

    Speaking to an associate about marketing this week, she said that we all must market continuously. That our preferred audience may want to buy from us, but aren't ready for some reason. We need to keep marketing almost daily each week, even if we are successful. It's a shame to create a wonderful book, then not let the world see it. The same thing goes for the myriad of small services businesses who have great skills to share with their audience, but don't go ahead with consistency.


    1. Check your attitude.

    To attract all the book sales and clients you want, you need to realize this Number One way to market will serve you well for many years, establish your credibility as a savvy expert as well as serve your audience. Put your intention on "I can succeed with article marketing."

    2. Get Real and Get Honest.

    Ask yourself, How's my marketing doing so far? What's working and what's not working? Am I willing to let go of what isn't working and develop a long-term approach? Selling takes more than passion for your topic. Put your attention on article marketing and your sales will grow. Take this from your article marketing coach who doesn't just talk the game, doesn't go for loser article submission services, but actually does it-eight years and counting. From the first 8 months I sent 10-20 articles and got on only 950 web sites. At five years my articles grew into 100's as did my business success to this year being on over 129,000 sites with a live URL link back to my site. These people are my best audience-authors and small businesses. You can do this too.

    3. Know the value of article marketing.

    Realize that taking training, going to seminars, writing a book - all cost you money and don't bring you income. It's not until you put your intention and attention on marketing, publicity, and promotion, that you will grow your business to its potential. That means treating your book as a business.

    Judy Cullins - Book Writing, Publishing, and Article Marketing