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Article 10

Save Time and Money Marketing Your Book Online to One Audience
Judy Cullins c. 2004

Let's say that before this year ends, you want to market your book at $20 to 170,000 businesswomen over 40 who want to create a relationship. They already use the net. You have found them on top Web sites through a search for "business women" first, then a subsearch through "submit article."

Not all of those women who visit these web sites will want a relationship, but on each site is a list of categories for articles you can submit. For the relationship category, let's say 10,000 women are interested. If you sell your book for $20 to these women out of the total number, your market is worth $200,000 (your book makes you $200,000). In one year, is that a realistic number for you?

First, you need to declare your numbers as part of your book marketing plan. One client said, "I want to sell a book a day, every day for the next two years." Another author just counts her monthly sales after declaring she wants to make $1000 a month from her books. What is your realistic number? In your marketing plan you also need to list what two or three promotion actions you will take to get to those numbers. Be sure to list the Internet as one.

Since transferring a publishing business to the internet, your coach uses mostly internet promotion such as submitting articles to ezines and web sites--because it's free and it works. Enough to be number 1-3 on 25 search engines with the sales to match. She markets to mostly entrepreneurs who use the net. What is the right kind of marketing plan and promotion actions you will create?

Take it from experience--when you put your time and money into your one, preferred audience you'll be likely to make enough money from your investment. Realize that focusing your efforts on the business audience will capture a lot of interest. And that you must let yourself and book be known by giving these online savvy women articles and excerpts about your topic.

If you don't know how to accomplish this, how much time and money are you willing to spend to make the $200,000? If your present numbers are not realistic, what are?

Focus your marketing efforts and money on one audience at a time. Then you won't waste time and money chasing the wrong market. You won't diffuse your marketing time and money. You will have a specific sales goal, and you will sell enough books to make you smile through the next big holiday!

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