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If you Sell a Product, Use Online Marketing, Part 1
Judy Cullins c. 2003

When you offer your products via an email campaign to get people to visit your Web site, you reap many rewards--you create more profit, spend a lot less time promoting and marketing, and get to be known as the leader in your field.

1. Get a Low-Cost Web Site

If you don't have a Web site yet, put it at the top of your goal list. You don't need a lot of Web pages. You need a home page with benefit-driven links to your product sales letter. From your sales letter, you need a link to a secure place to order such as or That's only three sections of possibly 10 pages. Most Web people would charge about $600 for this service. (Be sure to write your home page and sales pages first before you contact a Web master)

2. Enhance your Online and Brand Presence

To discover your own "brand" brainstorm with friends and associates. Answer these questions:

-Why is my product or service the right choice?
-Why am I the preferred expert over my competition?
-What is unique about my product or service?

Think what you can offer that's different and better than your competiton.If you said, "I'm the one who can help you make your book dream a reality--faster, cheaper, and easier." that would set you off from your competitors.

To these top benefits, add features.

-Design each part of your book to sell more copies before you write a single chapter with the essential "Seven Hot-Selling Points."

-Write each chapter fast, more focused, clear, compelling, and with less edits with the "Fast-Forward Technique."

3. Enhance product awareness.

When your targeted visitors come to you site to see your Free articles and tips, they will become aware of the products you offer, because at the end of each article will be a link straight to your products sales message and order page.

They may not buy the first time, the second or even third time, but if you keep your site updated with new information every few weeks and mark your site that you have done so, your visitors will keep coming. Up to fifty percent will buy.

4. Boost your leads fast.

Email promotion is by far the easiest and most successful of all promotion. When you entice your different email groups with a testimonial or a bonus report, they will gladly leave their email address. Then, you will be able to continue to stay in touch with them, month after month, year after year. Allow them to download by autoresponder a Free article related to your product.

5. Reach new targeted customers worldwide.

Once you get your Web site up, you must learn and apply the many non-techie ways to get people to visit you. After collecting email addresses from the people you meet online or offline, send periodic messages to them, including Free articles.

You will attract thousands, even hundreds of thousands of your targeted audience from all over the world. Your ezine or teleclasses can connect with people outside your area because your subscribers or participants think so much of you that they forward the good news to their friends and associates.

Because your Web site attracts only targeted buyers this translates to a much higher rate of sales.

6. Make it easy to buy

Maybe people know you or your products offline through networking groups or other business ventures. A Web site makes you even more respected. Business people expect you to have a Web site because 1) your Web site represents you, your service and products. 2) they love the convenience and speed of Online information and ordering.

In addition to your Web site, increase your sales channels to include office promotion such as post cards, talks, teleclasses, or radio interviews. Offer a Free 800 telephone number for orders. For your site, include a "How to Contact Us" section. Put it at the top of your ezine.One disappointed reader of my ezine wanted my local telephone number listed beside my Free 800 one. Include contact information in your signature file at the bottom of all emails you send out. Include it in your order pages your sales letters connect to. Always make it easy for people to connect, and eventually buy.

If you are like me, you will enjoy keeping track of your increasing sales each month. You will enjoy staying in touch with your potential buyers. People Online are hungry for your information and product.Take the easy promotion road and use Online today.

For more information about business entrepreneurship and web marketing click here.

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