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Article 216

Copy write a Sales Letter for your Products and Your Services-Part 1
Judy Cullins c. 2007

Every product and service you sell needs a sales letter. You need a short sales letter for all email marketing. You need a short one on your home page for your ezine, You need a longer one on your web site for your consultant, coaching, and other professional services. You need a sales letter for each product you sell.

If your web site or emails are not attracting buyers, you need this sales letter checklist:

1. Include a short sales message on your home page for your service. More like a headline-link. Always include 3-4 top benefits for each headline.

Example: Headline Links for books

"Quadruple Your Business Profits In Only Five Months. Know that you can attract high level clients and sell more packages and books than you've ever dreamed of!"

"Disappointed with Traditional Book Marketing? Tired of Pouring Time and Money Down the Drain? What If You Could Quadruple your Profits from Book Sales… and Never Have to Suffer Through Another Book Signing?"

These headlines are great beginnings to each of your sales letters you write too. Without a headline that hooks your potential buyer or client, you will not convince they must have your product or service.

2. Prepare for your Sales Letter a List of 5-10 Benefits.

Many professionals get mixed up as to what are benefits and what are features. Know that benefits sell and features explain. What will your customer experience after they buy your service? These outcomes (benefits) usually include a completion of a goal, or an understanding of a concept to help your audience do something better. The biggest benefits? Saving time, saving money, creating money, and creating great relationships. Your audience wants to know what value they will receive when they buy.

Now, list these benefits in a list from the biggest benefit to the smallest. For instance, for your book coach's ebook on how to get a book written and published, the biggest benefit is that in a short time for low money, you can finish your self-published print or ebook fast. Think what your audience wants regarding your service or products. Please your audience and you'll have no trouble becoming top in your arena.

Be sure to include visual and feeling words such as "Imagine yourself in your perfect relationship," or "See yourself..." or Feel more energetic, happier, enthusiastic...."

Without benefits bulleted throughout your sales pieces, your potential buyer won't have enough reasons to buy.

3. Prepare for your Sales Letter a List of 5-10 Features.

For a book, features include the number of pages, tips, how to's, practices, exercises and pertinent quotes. For coaching, a feature could be, “gives you email backup as an added value," or "devotes total attention to your challenge each session," or "gives you field work to move you through your process easier and faster."

It's a good idea to combine benefits and features. "Save yourself disappointment and money down the drain with my "Fast-Forward Writing Technique," or "Enjoy your life to the fullest when you follow the Five Steps to "The Easy and Fun Life."

4. Explain how your product or service is better or different than your competitors.

You always need to give your potential customer a reason to buy. Think about your uniqueness. What makes you stand out from the crowd? Study other people's web sites and their sales letters. Notice how they approach this challenge.

One of my mentors, Dan Poynter, author of the "Self-Publishing Manual," gave me the confidence to move beyond where I was and to write many books to help others like yourself to a more profitable business.Webmaster Leva Duell taught me how to write a compelling sales letter for all my products on my web site.

Think about gurus in your field, and compare yourself, your service, or your product to them. If possible, create a one-sentence sound bite that people will remember. Use this "hot-selling point" where ever you go and in all print you send. It could be a part of your signature file too.

5. Share what your product or service is not in your sales letter.

Clarify your service. If you are a coach, how does that differ from a consultant? What does a coach do vs. a service that does the job such as a ghost writer. When you share the downside or limitations, you let your visitor see the human side of you. If you have a book, you can establish more rapport with your potential buyer by saying something like, "This alone can't change your life; you will need to take some action on the steps offered within."

If you haven't finished your sales letter for your service or product, use this checklist and contact a writing coach who can help you create a sales letter that attracts new clients and customers. Your web site copy must back up your other promotion, or you will experience lackluster results.

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