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Article 117

Copy write a Sales Letter for your Products and Your Services-Part 2
Judy Cullins c. 2007

Every product and service you sell needs a sales letter. You need a short sales letter for all email marketing. You need a short one on your home page for your ezine, You need a longer one on your web site for your consultant, coaching, and other professional services. You need a sales letter for each product you sell.

If your web site or emails are not attracting buyers, you need this sales letter checklist:

6. Present the "YOU" point of view in your sales letters.

When you refer to others such as we or they, you don't speak directly to your audience. Involve them with phrases such as, "You will feel renewed energy after you read this book, so much so, that you'll ask your kids to dance with you." Or, "you'll build enough wealth after using this service that you can take that Caribbean trip, pay for your children's college, or buy that new car you've been wanting.

One big mistake is to use "I's" in your sales material. It can be taken as self-serving and people don't care about you; they care about what you can do for them. They want you to solve their challenges and problems, not necessarily through your story.

7. Make your online copy easy to read.

Online copy writing is different than print. People don't want to see long paragraphs or long sentences. They will tune right out. Instead, keep your sentences under 15 words, and include only 3-4 sentences in your paragraphs. Apply this technique to your articles, tips, ezines and sales letters.

Use one-sentence paragraphs for emphasis or drama. If you want specific help on these, call or email a guru or coach who can help.

8. Use power words to attract your waivering potential client.

What words compel you to keep reading? Maybe free, new, discover, amazing, breakthrough, latest, proven, guaranteed, top, secrets, act now or easy? Maybe you appreciate a picture of the benefit, or a feeling phrase that connects you emotionally to the offer.

Power words elicit emotion. They create visual pictures in your readers' mind. Bring a sound or feeling to mind, and imply a reason to buy. "When you use my service, you will feel confident you are on your way to solve your challenge," or "You look as fresh as a spring day in New York.

Make sure your power words address your audience's challenge.

9. Write your sales letter in a friendly, conversational style.

People love to read a short story, so if you have one from a client or yourself that will relate to others, be sure to use it. If you are writng a shorter piece to email to your groups, then use an analogy. After your hook, and benefits you can add your own short success story.

Start your letter, "Dear Fellow Coach... or Dear Fellow Small Business Person....

Open your letter with the challenge of where your potential client is right now. Address the problem, then follow with what you can offer and how you will deliver it. "Are you disappointed and tired of time and money down the drain using traditional marketing? How would you like to attract more clients than you ever dreamed of in less time and never have to leave your office?"

Here's an example for advanced article marketing coaching: "You will be working with a person who lives a balanced life. I love my work, enjoy friends and family and relax enough to feel energetic each day to enjoy it all--with a sense of humor."

10. Make sure you include information to create a high-perceived value for your service.

In one coaching letter, a clients shared this:

-On a path of mastery, I keep myself abreast of what's important in my field of xxx. An expert with internet marketing, I share this avenue with you freely so you can create instant cash flow. You learn what I learned and what I am learning.

-As your success partner, we come together as prepared as possible. You have done your assigned bimonthly fieldwork. Each session you bring questions you want answered in addition to receiving feedback on your writing that helps to make it more organized, easy to read, and compelling.

-As you need them, I freely give special reports for a particular skill you need to work on. These give guidance in between our calls. You can also email me with a question that needs answering right now.

-When you become a committed, ongoing client I am totally devoted to you. I give you full support in our partnership.

If you haven't finished your sales letter for your service or products, use this checklist and contact a copy writing coach who can help you create a sales letter that attracts new clients and customers. Bring your web site into the light. If you want more return visitors, more subscribers, and clients, you need to update your sales copy.

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