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Top 10 Ways to Boost your Ezine Subscribers - Part 1
Judy Cullins c. 2004

Increased subscribers means more contacts with your targeted article. More contacts means more sales.

Ezines are free even though they take an hour or so to write. After reading 4-7 issues your potential buyers will act--go to your web site to look around, to see your other free pieces of information, and eventually will buy your services and products. You'll become known as the savvy expert in your field as well as sell your eBooks and other products.

1. Network offline at networking groups with your "tell and sell."

Visit professional like-minded groups. They usually meet once a month, have speakers, and networking time for you to mix with other professionals. You will get valuable information at these meetings for low cost-yearly memberships that run around $35-$75 giving you free meeting attendance. Each meeting is around two hours. Have your 30-second "tell and sell" ready.

The 30-second "tell and sell"

Make your time count. Give your name, and your benefit statement. Then, if time, add more. Example: "I'm Judy Cullins. I work with small business people who want to write a book to get well known as the savvy expert, get their unique message out to help others, and make consistent high monthly income. Subscribe to my free, monthly ezine, "The Book Coach Says..." at the networking table where my list is, or email [email protected]"

2. Strengthen your offline promotion with business cards, flyers and free articles.

Include the name of your ezine on your business card with the link or email to subscribe. If you don't get a client right away, you do want everyone you meet to subscribe to your ezine. Eventually these people become your faithful customers.

On every flyer you post or position on the networking table at groups, put your ezine title and way to subscribe on it. Always include your web site address.

Bring enough how-to, useful articles to put in front of your small poster in a photo stand labeled "Free Articles" positioned on the networking table. Visitors love freebies and will snap them up. Of course at the bottom, include how to subscribe to your ezine.

3. Offer to speak at networking meetings.

In front of the group you have a great chance to not only give sterling information, but to promote yourself. Usually unpaid, the group offers you the chance to boost your ezine subscribers even more. Pass around a clipboard with the name of your ezine at the top and headings of name and email address. Include "Please Print Clearly and Large." This is an excellent way to build your subscribers because if your audience likes what they hear, they will be willing to sign up. Of course, the guarantee includes that they can opt-out any time.

4. Follow up each connection Online or Offline with a note and offer.

Example: "I enjoyed meeting you and think we can mutually benefit. If you have a related ezine, I'd be glad to trade seven-line blurbs with you." With this exchange, you'll be practicing the ultimate "viral" marketing. Or, when you add their subscription, send along a bonus special report.

When you give, you automatically receive because you have expressed your unique self and connected with other unique selves.

5. Promote your ezine on your web site.

Visit other sites or connect with a coach who is already successful with this promotion modality. Get proven techniques that will make your home page subscription offer zing.

Don't use the pabulum approach. You need to give your web site visitors a reason to "buy." One sign on the "Home" page simply said, "Subscribe to my free ezine." Is that enough to make you buy?

Instead, use the passion approach. In it, write a short blurb, benefit driven. Example: Write, finish, publish, and sell your book-fast! Receive free articles, tips and resources in my complimentary monthly ezine called xxx.

For your passion approach, include an ezine testimonial from the rich and famous. In the self-publishing field, Dan Poynter is known as the guru. He happily gave me a testimonial I use on my site.

Your ezine serves your subscribers, but also promotes your service, products, and you. After reading your ezine 4-7 times, you develop trust with readers, and they soon become customers or clients.

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