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Article 126

Top 10 Ways to Boost your Ezine Subscribers - Part 2
Judy Cullins c. 2004

Increased subscribers means more contacts with your targeted article. More contacts means more sales.

Ezines are free even though they take an hour or so to write. After reading 4-7 issues your potential buyers will act--go to your web site to look around, to see your other free pieces of information, and eventually will buy your services and products. You'll become known as the savvy expert in your field as well as sell your eBooks and other products. Part one of this article is available at

6. Promote your ezine through your signature file.

Create a promotional signature in five to eight lines, and add it to the end of each email you send out. If you send to multiple email addresses, remember to add your street address. It's a new anti -spam law for 2004. Make sure you include the word "complimentary" or "gratis" to get by filters and whether it's monthly, bi-weekly or weekly.

Offer your subscribers a gratis GIFT SUBSCRIPTION to send to their friends. You can use another autoresponder to send the gift, plus whom it's from, and a little blurb about what they will be receiving. Always include a way for subscribers to unsubscribe.

Offer a reward to people who gather new subscribers for you. Give them a special email link to respond to and receive their free valuable report.

7. Submit your ezine-recycled articles to ePublishers who offer their opt-in (no spam) ezines.

This Online promotion method is the best one I know. Each time I submit a short article to ten or so of these ezines, I get 10-25 new subscribers. Why? Because people on the net are hungry for free information in your field. That includes personal growth, spiritual growth, business, Online, web marketing, parenting and much more. When you give these subscribers the information, and they like it, they will see your instructions in your signature file to subscribe.

This method requires no hunting for people to add to your list. It's so easy because these no spam subscription ezines send out the articles for you. It's easy to get published here and your only payment is that you need to subscribe to them first. That means extra incoming emails, but if you are smart, you'll realize it's just the cost of doing business.

8. Put all of your ezines and a list of the old ones called "archived ezines" on your web site.

Rather than just naming your title, up your place to the Top Ten web sites listed by the search engines by putting your feature article's title as the link. When the search engine spiders see this, you can get to number one just as your book and Internet coach has.

9. Trade ezine recommendations and place them on your Web site.

Create a 5-7 line blurb or ad. Make your headline, the first line, a benefit driven one followed by more benefits. Then, add a bit about you and how they can subscribe that includes a hyperlink straight to your site where you offer your opt-in and opt-our ezine choices. A new link on my site will be "Judy Recommends." Here I'll include all the sales copy my "strategic alliance" people give me. They will do the same for me. It's a total win.

10. Remember why you write your ezine.

Yes, it is to serve your ezine subscribers, but also to promote your ezine, your service, and your products. Each time you send it out, put how to opt-in and opt-out of your ezine to make it easy for new people to add. After reading your ezine 4-7 times, you develop trust with readers, and they soon become customers or clients.

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