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Article 128

Interview with Book and Marketing Coach – Judy Cullins – Part 2
Judy Cullins c. 2004

Interview by Fran Silverman

To know what to do at the right time in book writing, publishing, or internet marketing, consult a coaching expert who has lived it all for 20 years–Judy Cullins. Part one of this article is available at

Q 6– You seem to be geared toward self-publishing. Yet, from what I’m reading from subscribers, there are so many problems with printers, publishers and bookstores that I don’t have with a traditional publisher. Aside from keeping control and the money, what advantages do you see in self-publishing? Is it worth all the headaches?

A 6- Well, I guess everyone is not geared to self-publishing, but I do recommend it. Not a headache to me, because I did go the traditional published route many years ago, and found it daunting that even though my strong points to the agent were that I could market and promote well, his offer wouldn’t make it worth that route.

With Print on Demand–I recommend because the author has complete control of the book and can make 100% of the profits. Many Print on Demand printer/publishers offer a distributor to help the author get their books out. They offer packages for the newbie for around $450-$600, but then you must buy your book back at the wholesale price, around half. That’s not enough profit to go this direction. And these kind of Print on Demand publishers/printers do not offer the kind of promotion that gets your book out–really selling.

I think trouble comes from any kind of printer, usually because of a lack of communication. Self publishers need a little professional help at some points, such as cover help, how to format a best-selling chapter, back cover and web sales letter help–one of the essential "7 Hot-Selling Points" I discuss in "How to Write your Book."

With just a small investment in coaching, teleclasses, seminars, the author can see just how to travel this delightful, positive, and adventurous trail. That’s why I wrote the 10 books to help authors do most of their book themselves–but to sell well. .

Q 7– As part of your coaching service you provide some easy marketing tools before clients finish their books so they will be ready to launch a powerful campaign the day they are finished writing. Would you be good enough to share some of these tools with us?

A 7- These tools are what I call the essential "Seven Hot-Selling Points." Knowing them and writing them down before the author writes a single chapter is a sure-fire way to make their book saleable and ready to go the minute the ink is dry. (I also recommend writing and publishing your eBook taken from your print book–if you make it under 100 pages.) If the book is already written, then check these out anyway, because some of the points will help at any stage.

Benefits of these: the author writes a more organized, compelling, easy to read chapter that will need only 1/2 the editing time. The inside and outside design sells books before it’s even promoted otherwise.

– Title. The #1 hot selling point. If not clear and clever, and a few other musts, it just won’t sell. Think of this one: "Care giving my Father" or "Elder Rage." Which moves you to action? For more of this you can read "Titles Sell Books" on my site.

– Cover. Like the title, it must be the right color and have the right design for each audience. Women like aqua, red and yellow. Business books use blue, red or maroon. More on covers at Get a professional cover!
Prices range from $100 to over $1800.

– Thesis or theme. The central point to your book. The answer to your audience’s challenge. If fiction, the general truth about life. Without knowing this first, your book will wander and not seem organized. Each self-help chapter has a thesis too.

– The tell and sell. Like a billboard, use this mini promotional blurb when you network, or meet someone. It should take only 30-60 seconds to say and should answer the question, why should I buy your book?"

– Your audience. Think of your one preferred audience and then the one you didn’t realize you could sell to. I do recommend the online audience because it’s untapped and people online are ready to buy books of all sorts. Books are the number one seller there.

– Your introduction. Many authors go on and on here about their story. The introduction is like a mini sales letter and should be "you" centered. No longer than a page, it has five parts usually.

– The back cover copy. The biggest mistakes authors make are that they put too much bio–which doesn’t sell. They also put too much copy. Under 50 words will work. And, be sure to include two or three testimonials. They are what sell books. More information is on my site.

Q 8– As author of 10 books on writing, publishing and promotion, what do you hope to learn from my ezine?

A 8- A recent subscriber, I didn’t have a goal on what I would learn in your newsletter. I think it’s valuable because it puts up a nuts and bolts feature article first. Most people subscribe for the free information. I loved subscribers’ shares of their promotion coups, and I will continue to read it because it’s more geared to fiction and traditional publishing. Yours is a celebrational ezine. There’s always something new to learn and I do subscribe to at least 15 newsletters related to book publishing and promotion.

Getting your questions answered by a pro will save you weeks and months of wasted time going in the wrong direction. Use these answers to catapult your book and business sales.

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