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Article 13

Top Seven Mistakes Writers Make and What to Do About Them
Judy Cullins c. 2007

You've read books on the topic. You believe what they say. But maybe the whole truth doesn't arise with your research so far. With bookcoaching, the emerging author can see things not so clear before.

The Top 7 Mistakes Writers Make

1. They postpone writing their book.

You and I don't know an author who is sorry they wrote a book. They only wish they had written it earlier. Even if your piece is short, you can still put out it out as a short book. Either a print or eBook depending on your purpose. They sell well today, especially on the internet and at back-of-the-room sales for your talks. They can boost to your credibility as a professional, brand your business to become a well-known on the Internet.

2. They write chapter one and other chapters before investing marketing time in the "Essential Nine Hot Selling Points." An emerging author should know the title, thesis, audience and more before he or she writes the book. When authors knows their thesis, they write focused, compelling copy. Their book has a center. They give solutions to the readers' problems via the headlines of questions in each chapter.

When your audience thinks your book is easy to read. and they are getting answers, they are so happy, they recommend your book to others. They become your 24/7 sales team. The thesis for Time Management for the Creative Person, by Lee Silber is "Offers right-brain strategies for stopping procrastination, getting control of the clock and calendar and freeing up your time and your life."

3. They think they have to be an expert, great writer, or do mountains of research.

Write books on subjects your have passion for, and want to learn more about. Rough out what questions your readers will want answered, answer them. Ole! Your book is born! You can "Fast Forward Write each Chapter" with some mentoring or the right book.

4. They aren't sure their book is significant enough to warrant their love, attention and effort.

Just think what is important to you now. Think about your audience out there, what they want and need. One thing for sure, we each need to share our gifts with others. If we don't, we stagnate, wither and stop the natural flow. "Affluere" from the Latin meaning to flow, translates to affluence. The more you put your self into your book, the more rewards will flow your way. You have an audience out there who wants help with their challenges.

5. They wonder if their book will sell.

Plentiful markets want your information. Whether you write personal growth, how-to's, business, or even poetry, your audience awaits your talent. When you stir their emotions with specific benefits you put into your back cover, introduction, and web sites sales letter, they will pay the price. Check out what is on the bookstore shelves, and on web publishing sites to see what's selling well. Self-help is still a top seller. Body-mind-spirit books, how-to books, and other non-fiction sell well.

6. They think they are alone and a book is a long, difficult project.

Depending on your book's length, you can write one in less than a month. If you have a long book, think about dividing and conquering. Think series. Use your friends and associates to brainstorm with you. Let them vote on the best title, thesis, and information in one chapter at a time. They become peer editors, and also will give you even better words and ideas than yours to help make your book dream a reality. Don't wait until you are finished with draft one as all the other books say. Creat one jewel of a chapter and then model your others after that one.

7. They think publishing is too long, too expensive, and too difficult.

With the eBook and Print on Demand printing an author can get their professional looking book out within three months. With coaching and other professional services for parts of the project, the author-to-be is already selling books before they are printed ľand writing at least three times faster, at one-third the cost.

Get advice to save you time and money mistakes on your self-published book.

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