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Article 132

Top 10 Ahas Business Client Has About Marketing Resistance
Judy Cullins c. 2006

Do you notice that when you resist marketing your coaching practice that your client numbers stay the same or lower? A common challenge to you is the reluctance to make yourself known because it doesn't seem natural, you don't know how, or you fear the process. When you open up your mind that you too can market your own way to build your practice, you'll be amazed at new clients connecting with you.

Here's a Real Story You Can Relate To.

To bring in 10 new clients per month, a new personal/business coach came to me for business promotion. She had been stewing about her "hiding out," and finally called me after several starts. Her business was flat, but she didn't want to write to promote. Although she wrote a top-selling book, she did not want to write anything again.

"What if you write just a tip? Maybe 100-200 words?" I asked.

"Why don't you write a "problem and solution" tip about one of your corporate business clients with speaking anxiety?" Later, when you gather 10 of these, you can send out to bring targeted people to your site and new clients as well.

She hesitated, yet agreed that was doable and sent me her first effort before the call so I could review and comment.

She shared that she got sleepy, but it was writing time. Rather than deny the nap, and to honor her commitment, she took her notes to bed and while relaxed, hand wrote out the short piece.

I commended her on getting the job done, and doing it her way! In addition, the short article was almost perfect!

This Promotion Client's 10 Aha's May Fit you Too:

1. I write much better than I thought.

2 I was more ready than I thought.

3. It was easy to write 400 plus words rather than a 200.word tip.

4. I loved one of my branded phrases I can use on my new web site.

5. An outstanding article title and coaching niche evolved on the call.

6. I realize that when I act and put the word out, those 10 new clients will come.

7. I can leverage this one situation and solution tip/article to many audiences.

8. I can angle the next tip toward women entrepreneurs, women in business, corporate VP's and toward a different problem.

9. I changed my mind about promotion and marketing. While not so good at follow up, I'm moving in that direction.

10. I can do this! It's fun, and success in just one coaching session!

If you are hiding out because you don't want to market your book or business, find out if there's an easier way to approach your promotion task. Make it easy for you to "buy." Do it your way.

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