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Article 136

Five Question - Five Minute Web Makeover Quiz
Judy Cullins c. 2006

If you haven't made Web sales and increased your clients to where you want to be, then maybe you need a Web Site makeover.

What I mean by that is, most people first contact a web master to put up their site. While webmasters can connect the links and design your site, not all are copywriters with marketing experience that brings in new business. You may have written your own material, but often it lacks the promotion know how to make your words sell. Take this quiz and the next step Web Marketing with stimulating sales copy writing.

Score the below questions from 0-5. Add up the total and see recommendations at the end.

1. Does your home page include headlines that compel your visitor to click to product or service sales letter?

The number one mistake Web site owners make is not to give their valuable visitors a reason to buy. While mission statements and bios talk about you, benefit driven headlines make the difference--showing your potential buyers what outcomes they will receive.

2. Does your site offer a sales letter for each product or service you want to sell?

Visitors want you to help them make an informed decision. Educate them about your service in this piece whether it's in a long or short sales letter. If it's a product give them a reason to buy. Include benefits, features, and of course testimonials.

3. Do you make it easy for your visitor to buy?

At the end of your sales letter, include an order page on how to buy. Include each step because many people online are non-techie like your Internet marketing coach. Include the call the action link that takes your visitor straight to the order page. Check out a professional's site to see these skills in action.

4. Do you give your visitors what they want--free information?

Not only does a list of articles, ezines or tips on your site give free content--what visitors want--it also helps your site become number 1 to 10 in the search engines. That means 1000's of visitors a day. And that means more consistent monthly sales. Your non-techie Web coach is still number one in Google and 35 others after five years with the word "bookcoaching". Content is what makes people bookmark your site to return again and again.

5. Does your Web site bring you all the income you want?

Your site may be attractive and colorful, but check you monthly sales and make sure they increase to the income you want. It's not the hits, its the sales that really matter. Naturally, your site brings new contacts and develops an image too, but remember to measure your web site's success by the income it provides. Otherwise it's not worth a dime.

Is it time for your Web Make Over?

Score 0-4
If your score less than 5 you are ready for a complete makeover. Get help now.

Score 5 to 7
Your site is not doing much for your business. It needs improvement. Get a comprehensive Web site evaluation.

Score 8 to 10
Your site is doing well, but a web strategy could make it more successful.

Score greater than 10
Your Web site works. Get ongoing feedback for adding new content and making link changes. Realize your site cannot be static, and must keep growing and service your particular audience.

Putting up a Web site is not enough. It must give visitors what they want--free content, and its copy must be punchy and persuasive to get your visitor to convert to a customer.

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