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Article 14

Shorten Your Journey to Business and Personal Success with Teleclasses
Judy Cullins c. 2004

No dress code. No travel. No traffic. No parking problems. No computer. No time wasted. No large expenses. It's as easy as picking up your phone and talking to a friend!

Teleclasses or long distance learning, are interactive training classes conducted over the telephone much like a conference call. During the teleclass you will receive timely tips, tools, strategies, resources and techniques from professionals in your field. They address your questions and challenges to help you reach your goals.

The call can have any where between 6 to 100 participants. Each participant dials a number provided by the presenter and usually costs under $5.

Who Can Benefit?

1. Business people who want to learn about creating a more profitable business.

2. Speakers or coaches who wants to take your career to the next level--perhaps to write a book to enhance your credibility.

3. Professionals who want to write and publish an eBook to create a lifelong income.

4. Anyone who wants to boost their knowledge or solve a problem, such as procrastination.

5. Coaches, speakers, and any entrepreneur who wants to market a service on the Internet.

Teleclasses are the most cost-effective, quickest and easiest way to stay on top of your skills, career, and business. Conducted exclusively by telephone, they resemble a conference call. They can be just one 55-minute meeting or a series of three-to six meetings.

Who leads the teleclasses?

Experts in their field lead the teleclasses. They often are professional coaches, who like athletic coaches, assist you to reach your goals faster, easier, and with much less stress because you have a partner who cares and will do any thing to make your journey successful.

Teleclasses are a combination of giving industry information, asking questions to clarify participants' needs, and answering all questions on the call.

Sandra Schrift of coaches emerging and experienced speakers and coaches to further their speaking career.

She and her team of four national experts include online promotion and book coaching, how to put a speech together, one sheet and print marketing, and how to run a speakers or coaches business.

Some introductory teleclasses are free. Others charge a nominal fee of $15 to $40 for each session, depending on the subject. They can get you moving in the right direction fast, and give you high value for low cost. They don't replace one-on-one coaching, but they can shorten your learning curve before you spend money on a coach. Check the different teleclass Web sites to see what they offer.

Where to find teleclasses?

1. Surf some Web sites who offer teleclasses. primarily offers teleclasses to emerging and professional coaches. Anyone wanting to boost their skills such as writing can benefit. They offer personal growth, business, and how-to teleclasses such as how to build your coaching practice, how to overcome procrastination, and other personal growth topics.

2. Check out sites that offer marathons where you can bring your questions to get answered round-robin style. Check out the upcoming free marathon for March 24, 2004 sponsored by Register with [email protected]

3. Check out the upcoming two-meeting teleclass on how to write and submit articles that promote your business or book (spam free) to opt-in ezines. Meets on March 25 and April 8, sponsored by Go to the teleclasses link on the home page for more information.

4. Find many other resources online by going to your search engines. Try or Type in "teleclasses" or search by a more specific title.

How to Register

Learn how to register when you visit a particular site. They give you step-by-step instructions. Then, you give them ordering information: They offer several ways to prepay for the teleclass such as a credit card or toll-free number. Once you are paid, you are registered.

You can listen from all over the world. When you live on the west coast you may attend at 1pm. That's 2pm in Mountain Time, 3pm in Central and 4pm Eastern Standard Time. In Australia it's 11AM; in the UK, it's 9PM.

After you register you are given your conference bridge line number to call--at a cost less than $5.

Get expert guidance from professional coaches and other presenters and learn from all on the call if you want to boost your skills, career, gain credibility, create income, and have a great adventure.

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