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Article 140

Defy the Myths, Get Your Book Written — Fast! – Part 2
Judy Cullins c. 2004

Why don’t you write a book?

Most people complain it takes too long. They are too busy. One professional coach said she was not a natural writer. An entrepreneur feared it wouldn’t sell, or it would be too much effort. A professional speaker says she is so busy marketing herself, she doesn’t know where to find the time to write.

These are reasons, but they aren’t real, they are myths. You can write a profitable book–even a lot of books–fast!

Fast depends on you, your intention, and attention that you will give your book Fast depends on your creating a blueprint of simple step-by-step strategies to write a fast, focused book.

Getting Your Book Written–Six Myths and Options

Part one of this article is available at

4. Takes writing ability.

If you can talk you can write. Readers want books written by a wise and savvy friend who will guide them gracefully to success. They want passion and natural writing more than perfect syntax.

After you write your book, you can get it edited by a professional, or if you want to save time and money, edit it as you go by using proper headings that state your audience’s problem he wants solved, and following that with a concise answer. A book coach can help you with this.

5. Needs an agent or a publisher.

You know what a book could mean to your career, or your life. If you didn’t write a book, you’d miss a lot of fun, you’d miss being a star or on radio/TV talk show with your popular or trade nonfiction book, or you’d miss sharing your unique and important message with others.

All well and good, but how will you get people to look at your book? Maybe an agent or publisher? The sad truth is they will only accept on 1-2% of submitted manuscripts and it takes up to two years to publish the traditional way. Agents and publishers bet on big name authors they know can sell books.

Some authors think that the publishers will market and promote the book. Maybe for a few months, but the author must pay from book sales to take those painful book tours. Publishers let you go after a few months and you are on your own to promote. Instead, start a computer promotion file of contacts and organizations just as you write that first chapter.

6. The book may not sell well.

Know that if you have a book that shares new, unique and useful information, it has enough significance to sell well. A book is far more saleable when you know your particular audience—their habits, fears, habits, complaints, desires and dreams.

Write an audience profile before you write your book, so your book has an angle, and will stand out from the crowd.

Ray Bradbury said, "I wrote the first draft of "Fahrenheit 451" in just nine and a half days." He also advises us to write short articles or stories. They can become a longer book. A page a day will yield two to ten books a year. If Ray Bradbury can write a book fast, so can YOU.

Think of your benefits in writing a book! Your book expresses who you are. Your clients, associates, and companies who need speakers or coaches need your book. Your fiction audience wants new entertainment. A book ensures a constant stream of contacts who consider you a leader in your field. People Online are looking for your topic every day.

Whether you market your book offline or Online, people want your solutions, inspirational words, and stories. What follows? A lifelong, constant stream of income.

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