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Article 141

Business Success Interview with Judy Cullins - Part 1
Judy Cullins c. 2004

[email protected] of "Amazing Sales Persuasion" at interviewed Judy Cullins on July 15, 2004.

Q.What is your name?

A. Judy, The Book Coach, Cullins

Q. What is your website and what do you sell?

A. My web site is

I sell my 1X1 coaching service via phone with email back up for book publishing, promotion, and web marketing.

I sell my monthly teleclasses that help entrepreneurs get their word out, and make lifelong profits.

I sell regular "Small Group Coaching" for book writing and publishing, and internet marketing.

I sell my 10 eBooks including: "Write Your eBook or Other Short Book—Fast!" - $24.95 - Includes 3 special reports including "How to Get Testimonials from the Rich and Famous," "How to Drastically Increase your Targeted Web Traffic Fast! " -$30 - Includes $10.95 special bonus: “How to Submit Articles to Web Sites: Step-by-Step,” and "Quadruple Your Online Sales in Four Months with Free Articles" - $14.95.

Q. Do you have a newsletter and what is the purpose of it?

Judy Cullins' offers two monthly free ezines.

"The Book Coach Says... " to serve authors, business people who want to get a book out to boost their name recognition, share their unique, helpful message, and make continuous monthly income like their coach who came from $75 the first month her web site was up to $4000 and up a month 3 years later.

"Business Tip of the Month" serves small business owners who want to boost their clients and customers, so they can make enough money to take a month for an island vacation, send their son or daughter to college, or buy that new car they've wanted.

Q. What do you think separates you from the other Sales Professionals, Marketers, Copywriters or anyone teaching his/her philosophy in selling?

A. First, I'm a fast study. Three years ago I knew zero about the internet. I got coached from a high school whiz kid, put up my new site, and learned how to promote it easily and effortly.

Second, I delegate most of the promotion work and spend now only 9-12 hours a week on creating copy such as fre.e articles. I now have over 140 circulating on over 3140 web sites. My results? I'm still number one in Google and 25 other search engines with the key words, "book coaching." .

Third, I love my craft. I love people. I make friends all over the net. When someone emails me, I take the time to share what I know and encourage them. I don't care if they buy, because so many other people do buy.

Fourth, An equally good speaker as well as a writer (after a lot of practice writing those new 10 eBooks (after I already wrote 15 personal growth books--I let go of), I do what comes naturally--that's sharing the good word about how to get a book out to help you promote yourself or your business. Also, how to market your business on the interenet. I wrote 3 books that show you how including, "How to Drastically Increase your Targeted Web Traffic Fast! ."

Fifth, I love the adventure of the unknown. It's a challenge to learn new skills that help me play this game. Persuasion? As a "high I" it's natural for me to persuade, but I call it simply sharing what I know and what I'm learning, listening to the client , educating them, to see if I can help. From them I learn what they love to do as to marketing, then help them practice their own natural marketing to reach their goals.

A lot of writers and business owners just don't want to market at all. They want to hire someone else to do it. As an educator, I ask them to learn how, then delegate it to staff.

Q. What makes you stand out from the crowd?

A. Why Choose Judy Cullins? 20 Reasons-2004 Platform

1. Author of 10 e and print books on book writing, publishing, promotion and savvy expert in Online promotion for small business people.

2. Gives over 70 programs a year to emerging and published authors as well as teleclasses on copywriting, Online and Web marketing. Wrote books, "How to Drastically Increase your Targeted Web Traffic Fast! ," and "Create your Web Site with Marketing Pizzazz."

3. Author of over 140 articles circulating on the Net on over 3140 Web sites with a link to her site on book writing, publishing, copywriting, and Online and Web marketing.

4. Built her own business on the Internet for the last three and a half years from $75 a month sales to now $4000 plus a month.

5. Speaks to business groups in San Diego, CA on book writing and publishing, marketing your business on the Internet CA as well as giving teleclasses to world-wide audiences on these topics.

6. Guest speaker for top speakers such as Debbie Allen, Annie Jennings,, Speakers, Speakers University with Sandra Schrift, Learning Annex.

7. In 2004, awarded the Oden Award by the San Diego Writers and Editors organization for outstanding writing service to the community along with Richard Lederer.

8. Refined and made real the big monthly profits by using articles to promote one's business or products. Wrote 3 books on this topic. One title: "How to Drastically Increase your Web Traffic and Sales."

9. Known as the industry savvy expert in Online marketing for small business people with a service or a product. Interviewed many times and posted on top web sites.

10. Remains still #1 on and 25 other search engines in just 8 months. Still #1 in 2004, and can show others how to do it without spending any money except for the coaching.

11. Gets regular feature stories on her services in major print media such as the San Diego Union Tribune. Write a book of SD media contacts with emails, faxes and department names of reporters and editors. Available on her Web site.

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Book and Internet Marketing Coach, Judy Cullins, can help you build credibility and clients, sell a lot of books, and make maximum profits. Author of 11 books including Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast and The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic" Get her free eBook"20 High Octane Book Writing and Marketing Tips" and two free monthly ezines at