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Article 142

Business Success Interview with Judy Cullins - Part 2
Judy Cullins c. 2004

[email protected] of "Amazing Sales Persuasion" at interviewed Judy Cullins on July 15, 2004.

Q. What makes you stand out from the crowd?

A. Why Choose Judy Cullins? 20 Reasons-2004 Platform

12. How to articles published in publishing industry leader magazines such as PMA, SPAN, and many other print newsletters.

13. Sells $2500 plus of her 10 books each month.

14. Dan Poynter, self-publishing guru, Mary Weistmeimer of and Debbie Allen give rave testimonials about Judy's books and programs.

15. Judy's monthly free ezine "The Book Coach Says..." has over 3000 targeted subscribers. Her new "Business Tip of the Month" has 1500 subscribers. Available on her web site:

16. Judy sends out free reports and articles to over 4000 others via email, organizing and maintaining opt-ins and outs every day besides her subscribers each month to keep her name in front of her potential clients.

17. Judy delivers monthly teleclasses on "How to Write your Print and eBook at the Same Time," How to Write and Submit Articles," Promote your Business and Book with Articles,"How to Create your Web Site with Marketing Pizzazz," The Book Coaching Marathon," and How to Drastically Increase your Web Traffic ans Sales"

18. Judy offers small group coaching for "book achievers" and "internet marketing achievers" at half price of her regular one-on-one coaching. .

19. A book coach for 20 years, 49 clients published with Judy since 1999. See all of their books listed on her site.

20. Has kept these success numbers

Raised Web book sales from $75 to $3000 (8 mo)In 2004, over $4000 a month.

Increased book and Internet coaching clients from 7 to 17 in two months. Maintains 12 plus clients consistently.

Increased search engine placement to # One in Google, Yahoo and 25 others with the words, "book coaching." ncreased ezine subscribers 15-25 a day. As of 2004--3500.

Listed on 3140 web sites with a hyperlink back to her Web site

Twenty reasons Judy can help you not make costly mistakes and choose the right paths to create the income you want--so you can take that vacation, buy that car, or send your children to college.

Q. How did you get started into doing what you are doing? Who inspired you?

A. Before writing books, I was a professional speaker. I started writing books 20 plus years ago to satisfy my public seminar audiences who wanted me to take home. I wrote 12 plus short books on health, memory, speedreading, and personal growth that I sold at the back of the room. Made around $4000 a month. One Webmaster friend helped me with first Web site, then two techie computer assistants helped me create the second web site that really sold what I had to offer. I read a lot online and referred to old standards like Dan Poynter, Mr. Self-Publishing. An adult school teacher, I gave solutions for problems all along. Another friend said I was already a coach, so why didn't I become one-and go entrepreneurial again. Three years ago I started with little--learned the internet, then coach others to use it for fame and fortune.

Q. How do you create the excitement of making a person want to joyfully make a purchase when the initial “thrill” may not have be there?

A. People buy with their hearts and emotions. My ad copy on my site appeals to that such as,"Finish your book so you can get your unique, useful message out, become known for your savvy, and make enough continuous monthly income so you can take that needed vacation, buy that new car, or send your child to college."

Q. Is there a particular or personal “fundamental” persuasion formula that you go by? For example in sales copy the a commonly used formula is the AIDA - which represents a highly effective sequence (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action)?

A. Thanks for the reminder,haha. The best approach I use is to educate and give reasons to buy--benefits.

Q.. An important element to selling is closing the sale. In your
opinion (based on your experience and knowledge), what is most effective way to actually “close” the sale? And how should a business or sales person execute this to see desired results?

A. To close a sale I ask the prospect what questions he wants answered. I listen, then at the end of our meaningful conversation I ask if what we discussed made sense. Would he or she want to work with me? Either answer--yes or no--is a winner. I let go of who doesn't want me, thus saving time for the potential clients who do want me or my products.

Q. I have found that some situations (particularly online) the sale in harder to make because the tradition method of selling works a lot better offline because the “process of making the sale” normally involves some form of contact with that product. For example a person buying soap in a store or any fragrance-based product will often smell it first. Is there any technique or process that you would use that could best bring the person intimately closer to trying/buying a new product online that conventionally involves senses that can’t be used online (i.e. smelling or touching)

A. I use the senses of visual and touch/emotion. For a book called "Write your eBook or Other Book, "See yourself signing copies of your new book at Barnes and Noble." Or, "Feel exhilerated like a Olympic winner after your first 1000 book sales."

Q. What do you think are the common and not-so-common mistakes people make when trying to persuade/influence someone into making a sale?

A. One mistake I no longer practice is not trying to convince anyone. They either want it or not. Many can't choose right away and need some time to come to terms with what they need.

Q. Is there any other advice, application, or resource that you think would be beneficial to someone struggling to persuade customers into buying?

A. Believe in your product. I do and it shows. Don't push and have fun with the process. Be patient with the process too.

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