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Article 150

How to Test Your Web Headlines and Web Site Home Page to Sell More Products and Services
Judy Cullins c. 2004

A client asked me, at what point do you change your Web site when not making enough sales? My answer? Within a month because as long as your ad copy is weak, those weak sales numbers will continue.

Your coach is number one on Google and 35 other search engines with the key words, "book coaching." While web site hits were high, I noticed a below 2% conversion rate for one top eBook. The culprits? My homepage headlines lead my visitor to the book's sales letter. My sales letter lacked enough benefit-driven headlines and benefits to convince people to buy.

Ways to Reach your Web Site Sales Dream

Test your web site headlines and web home page content to be sure your sales message is strong.

Through email, send a casual marketing survey. Send different Web site parts such as each headline that takes the visitor to the sales letter or the sales letter itself to your friends, business associates, other writers, and editors.

Say, Dear friends and Associates, "I need your brain." My Web site is not selling this product or service (name it) well. Let me know what phrases or benefits convince you to take out your credit card and buy my product? Will you rate each of these parts?

1) Home page and sales letter headlines. Includes four or five varieties of one headline. Ask your associates which headlines convince them to look further at other site parts or buy your product or service. To make things simple ask them to vote from 1-5 so you can see how to change it.

2) The "who" I am. Include several blurbs on your purpose or bio. Ask your associates to vote from 1-5 and add new phrases they think are stronger. Remember, you site is not about you; it is about your potential customers. Make sure your bio is short enough (one paragraph) to make room for what counts--benefits?

3) Benefits and features. Know that you need to answer the question by your visitor, "What's in it for me?"

From a working list of 5-10 benefits and 5-10 features, choose the top few to include on your web site home page. Benefits are outcomes your buyers want after they use your product or service such as more consistent higher income, saving time and money, or creating a balanced life. Benefits sell, features explain or describe your product. Features include phrases such as "5 steps to...," or "7 Sure-fire ways to ..." Once you know the difference, then you can combine them to read something like this: "7 Sure-fire ways to increase profits from your eBook."

In your survey, ask your people which phrases work? Which ones convince you to order or buy?

Give people a finish line so you can gather this valuable information quickly. Offer a free report or eBook to anyone who takes the time to respond. Give them all the vital contact information in your signature file at the bottom with hyperlinks to your email to make it easy.

Bring those visitors back for more, applauding you and saying BRAVO! This 24/7 marketing team will create a buzz about your great site, and send you many more visitors through word of mouth.

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