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Article 155

Don't Sell your Book, Share It
Judy Cullins c. 2004

Most authors who aren't used to speaking before a group think, "I'd rather get a root canal than have to 'sell' my book." If you think about how great your book is, how you wrote it because you wanted to help or entertain your audience, you can change this fear to the idea of sharing your book.

Sharing your book works great in person before other people, one-on-one, or Online.

Five Steps to Sharing your Book

1. Know your preferred audience first.

For instance, the book, "Passion at Any Age" is the "Artist's Way" for seniors. Who will your book help the most? Get yourself in front of these people because they will already have open arms and hearts to your boo.

2. Write an audience profile--those who will want to buy your book because you solve their particular challenge.

Include their income, buying habits, values, online savvy, magazines they read, sex, and age among other traits. FACT: Online people buy most kinds of books. Books are still the number one seller on the Internet.

3. Write a "Dear Audience" letter.

Take time and handwrite a short one-half page on why you wrote your book and what your audience will get from it. This puts the human side of your effort forth and also restates benefits your readers will get.

I wrote or am writing this book because you have this particular challenge, or are in this particular place where you'd like some answers on the topic of ____. Its number one message (benefit-thesis) is __________. And, it will also help you do, be, or have ______, _____, and _____. (specific benefits).

4. Share the written message orally in your own words, next time someone asks you about your book, or when you are in front of an audience. Take the information from your "Dear Audience" letter and reduce it a bit to fit your one to two minute allowed time to share.

5. Share your message Online.

If you don't want to communicate to others in person, think Online. All kinds of audiences go Online to look for information. Free information. You can share other tips, excerpts, and stories from your book through submitting them to online spam-free ezines. Thousands of people subscribe to them. Start with visiting Subscribe to one of their groups such as: [email protected]

Watch the word of mouth grow to epic proportions when one subscriber shares your article with others. It's sometimes called viral marketing, but I prefer the idea of putting the "law of attraction" into motion. Best of all, you don't have to sell anything.

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