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Article 173

Top Ten Ways to Design Each Part of your Book to Sell More Copies
Judy Cullins c. 2006

Whether you are a coach, consultant, or other small business, you can help make other people's lives better, become a household name, gain clients, sell more books and make much more money when you design each part of your book to attract more readers.

Format and design your book's insides and front and back matter so it will sell the minute you publish.

The Top 10 Book Designing Check and Correct List For your Book's Front and Back Matter:

1. Put your book front cover in 4-color design. Rather than do it yourself, hire a competent cover designer. For business books, check out He designed four for me. He also sells an eBook Cover Kits for $99.95.

2. Create a title page after the cover with your publishing information, and copyright.

3. Make an extra testimonial page to insert right before your table of contents. Testimonials from the rich and famous, media, man/woman on the street, and happy readers convince others by their endorsement to make your book a top seller. If you need to learn more on this topic, check out "How to Get Testimonials from the Rich and Famous."

4. Include a list of your other books right before the table of contents to widen sales. You can also include them on the last page-the order page.

5. Create a table of contents (your chapter titles) and place below it your complimentary free bonus report title(s) and where to find them. To give your book more value, always give from one to five reports away with its purchase.

6. Put your one page sparkling "mini sales letter" introduction right after the table of contents. If you need more information on this, check out "The Essential 9 Hot-Selling Points" in the write your ebook or other book fast print or e version.

7. Redesign of all fonts so your book will be easy to read. Easy to read books are the number one way to sell more books. Ordinary fonts are Arial and other sans serif fonts for the headings and Times Roman and other serif fonts for the copy.

Don't use more than three inside or outside your book.

8. Put in proper headings at the top and bottom of each page in the headers and footers. Put the title and page number at the top, and your name. email and web site URL at the bottom.

9. Put the whole book in Portable Document Format PDF as well as Microsoft Word. You can edit the Word copy, and allow your customers to download the PDF file unless your offer your book via toll-free number. This is what is know as an eDocument and is printable. Most will print 100 pages or less.

While PDF is not foolproof safe, it's a common form and if passed on doesn't allow they person to edit it. With your name and web site there people know who the expert is.

10. List your products and prices at the end of the book along with a page on your coaching, speaking, or other services. You may want to add a benefit-driven annotated table of contents for your other books at the end too. This style emphasizes benefits which is what sells your book.

When you include all these design parts in your book, your increased new sales will surprise you.

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