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Article 176

Top Ten Ways to Select a Book Topic That Sells
Judy Cullins c. 2005

When you choose a topic that your audience wants and needs and you want to write, your book will be a winner. Here's ten ways to get ahead of the game.

1. Write what you are passionate about. Write about a topic that will still interest you in two years. Your book is an extension of you, your talks, and your profession. If you don't love your topic, you won't be successful.

2. Write down five topics that stir your passion. Ask your inner author which one should you pay attention to first. Most of us love many subjects. So to write your first short book, choose the one you will pay most attention to and one that will sustain you.

3. Write the book that relates to your business first. Many people don’t know I was a life skills coach for years and wrote a book "Passion at Any Age." My interests and focus turned to helping authors get their saleable book out. Hence, I wrote another book that reflected my business as a bookcoach called, "Write your eBook or Other Short Book--Fast!"

4. Google your topic plus the word book at to see what other books are out there on your topic. It's great if there are some, because that shows your audience is out there buying books in your topic. At different authors' Web sites, notice their slant. Make yours a bit different.

5. Become the expert on your topic as you go. Most of us are not geniuses immediately. We learn as we go. So, develop your sanvyness by subscribing to like-topic ezines--great research tools. For instance, if business, subscribe to [email protected] (who publishes my articles now).

6. Write a book your audience needs or wants. People want their problems solved. Business books sell well. People need writing, reading, speaking, computing, communication, math, sales, marketing, and Internet skills. Nonfiction self-help or how to titles sell best. When your nonfiction books sells well, you can finance your novel.

Writing a personal growth book? These also sell well, but be sure your book has a new slant so it will stand out from the crowd. Check your titles against the big boys and girls. Remember your wide, huge audience Online and sell to these eager buyers.

7. Research your preferred audience--your target market. Sell to one audience at a time, so your promotion efforts go for the bull's eye and don't get scattered.

Who will read and buy your book? Who will pay the $15-$35 price tag? Where is your audience located? What is your unique selling proposition? What benefits does your book bring its readers? You don't need a huge audience, just enough to make your book a success. The targeted book Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul sold three million copies more in one year than the original Chicken Soup sold in three years.

8. Compare your book with other reputable, top sellers in your field. What way is your book like theirs? What makes your book unique from others? How is your book better? If your book is the only one of its kind, it could be more difficult to sell because mainstream buyers don’t know about it.

Check out what category your book fits in by visiting your local bookstore. Turn to the back covers--look at the upper left side to see the two or three categories usually listed there. Which ones does your book fit under? Let your book develop a new angle on the problem to be solved. A book on breast-feeding sold far more copies when the author aimed it at working mothers.

9. Survey your market. While some of us get our title instantly and know that it is the right one, many of us need help. Brainstorm with, and ask for feedback from, friends and associates by an email survey.. Let them vote on the best of ten titles and subtitles, chapter titles, back cover information.

Know that your title is the # one of the "Essential- Nine-Hot- Selling-Points” makes time spent on it worth it. When you use the synergy of more brainpower, you receive so many more ideas. Don't be attached to your choices. Feedback helps build a better book.

10. Create a winning vision for your book. Know that your book will be published. Specifically name the outcomes you will see, hear and feel. Place this winning vision in color on a card. Put it near your workstation. (Using today's date including the year) Now that my book (title and subtitle) is finished and is a huge seller. For example:

I see (smiling people at my talks buying it)

I hear (applause from multiple audiences, Online and offline, affirming it)

I feel (exhilarated, confident and pleased that it's such a hit)

Now that you know these ten tips, you can start writing your saleable book today. Make sure you make it one of your top three priorities each day.

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