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Article 193

Top Ten Ways to Increase Visibility for your Coaching Business
Judy Cullins c. 2005

What everybody wants. Consistent, full-load clients. You can reach this goal by creating the following then ways to get your service more visible.

1. Know your business defining statement. Have this short sound bite ready to use at networking meetings. Like an elevator speech, you must send a clear message of who you are, what your business does and the benefits of it.

2. Power up your signature file. Does it inspire your reader to take action? Always include your contact information, a free offer such as an ezine or special report. Make sure you put your defining statement under your name. Potential clients don't care about the initials after your name. They care what you can do for them. Automate your signature file so it's on every email you send out-a really soft way to sell yourself.

3. Create a short and longer sales letter for your service. Send out the one page version via email when you get an inquiry. Post the longer 5-15 page version on your Web site with a link to an order page or 800 number to make it easy for potential clients to connect. Each sales letter should include benefit-driven headlines, testimonials, and a guarantee.

4. Write short tip and how to articles. Submit these as a complimentary report to your email lists each two weeks. Leverage the same article. Subscribe to five or so opt-in ezines in your field. Then submit to them. These publishers want your original information for their subscribers. When the subscribers read them and like what you say, they will flock to your Web site.

5. Write a talk about one aspect of your service. It can include why your information is so important to your client's success, or a client's story about a particular challenge, and how you solved it. One client wrote a book and talk on coaching mastery and shared how coaches can let go of their own agenda to be a better coach.

6. Present mini one-hour talks to local organizations in your city. Sell your self, service, or book from the platform. Always collect the audience's email addresses via an offer for your free ezine or a free report.

7. Create an ezine to stay in touch with your clients. Besides giving useful information such as how to tips, resources, and your special message, include an opportunity to buy one of your products, a group coaching, or teleclass.

8. Write a short print or eBook. You don't need to write and end all, be all book. Today people want a short read. They don't have time to read long books loaded with stories. They want their information fast and easy-to-read. A book coach can help you make each page of your book market itself as well as create compelling chapters, well organized and well formatted. Knowing these will make a much more saleable book that your clients read cover to cover, then give you glowing testimonials.

9. Choose two-to three favorite ways to market first. Put all of your effort into these. Refine your ezine; gather a group of five to ten articles, and a one-hour talk. Put as much time into marketing as you have with training, reading, or research.

10. Rewrite your Web site, especially the home page if you are not attracting three-five new clients a month. Your Web visitors are not attracted to sites that say, "Welcome," "My mission is..." or "About me" such as a long bio. They want to know what's in it for them and you must capture their interest within 10 seconds or they will surf to another site. Your home page needs well-honed headlines that lead to the sales letter for each product or service.

Just think of the time you put into your training and refining your skills for coaching. When you realize that only marketing and promotion attracts new clients to you, isn't that what you need to do now?

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