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Article 194

Write a Short Book to Launch your Speaking Business
Judy Cullins c. 2005

The myth continues-that a real book must be in print and it must be over 160 pages. Rethink the premier approach: Write a short book to get more bookings, get your word out to thousands, gain credibility, as well as vast virtual promotion and an ongoing increased stream of income.

1. Write your short (10 pages to 100 pages) print and eBook at the same time using the same word file.

Speakers need to know that business people's reading hours are down from 123 hours per hear in 1999, to 109 hours in 2001, and in 2005--the figure is even lower. They want short how-to books.

Speakers have the edge over other businesses because you already have past talks, cassettes, or articles you've already written. Just dust them off with a new angle for each audience. This approach creates even more product.

2. If you don't get a book out, you don't get the bookings, your word out or ongoing income.

3. To get started:

-Write about what you know--you are the expert
-Solve your audience's problem or challenge
-List 5-10 benefits and features of your book
-Know your thesis before you write a word
-List 3-5 major topics to later become your chapter titles
-List 3-5 sub points for one chapter title

Take just five - ten hours a week to get your book written in less than a month. Watch your speaking business thrive!

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