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Article 197

The Magic Three Ingredients for Web Marketing
Judy Cullins c. 2006

Who doesn't want more targeted web traffic to come to your site to eventually buy your product or service?

Maybe you are a newbie or non-techie like me, and while this sounds good, you have some resistance. You aren't sure who to trust, who to believe.

Will I have to spend a lot of money?
Will the program really work?
Will I have to spend a lot of time?
Will I have to learn something new?
What's the learning curve for Online marketing?
Will my efforts and investment pay off?

Five years ago, I took my bookcoaching business to the Internet. I needed to learn a few Internet basics, but did know I had enough skills to write a short article.

My goal? To attract new coaching clients and to sell my eleven books on self-publishing, Web power writing, book marketing, and business Online marketing.

So, what is your goal?

To make your business dream come true, you will need three things.

1. A terrific product such as a print or ebook or a service.

2. A Web site that gives your visitors what they want--free information and enough sales copy information to make an educated decision to buy.

3. An easy, natural way to get your targeted market to your Web site without pay-per-click web optimization, that doesn't pay for the long haul.

Being budget minded, I worked with a high school techie who helped me put wonderful new content up on my site. He knew about autoresponders and helped me discover opt-in ezines. I joined 20 of them and started getting my articles published. I discovered there are thousands of these ezines who want new material to publish. So, I put that in one of my books.

I wrote three books about how a small business could subscribe, write, and submit articles to reach the top in the search engines as well as get thousands of Web visitors each day.

At the same time, I created new sales letters for each of my books, bookcoaching services, and my internet marketing coaching service. In my second Web site, sales took off because of the pre-planning and actions taken.

Each year, I have edited and updates the books I wrote. I included more Web and ezine resources for a business person to up their chances of getting popular and staying in the top ten web sites in their field like myself.

Yes, it's been a little work--but what would I do if I didn't give my gifts out to the people who need and want them? It's one thing to have passion for your work; it's another to let other people know enough details so they will want to learn from you.

Amazing things happened even 6 months after I started these projects. My web sales went from $75 a month to over $2200. My articles were listed on 980 other Web sites. Today, sales are way past $2200 a month and my articles are on over 78,000 other sites. Web visitors? I have them! 3,500 a day or so.

So, the key to getting enough Web traffic doesn't happen with complicated systems that take a lot of time, high price programs, or from expensive optimizing with key words that don't work so well after a few months. It comes from your learning some basics and getting feedback on your web or article copy from someone who's been there--as a newbie and a non-techie. The best part is that most of the Online marketing techniques are free.

What I want for you is, like me, to learn a bit about Web marketing, and apply easy steps, a few at a time, to get your business from OK to booming.

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