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Article 199

The Top 7 Secrets to Selling Products & Services to Your Web Visitors
Judy Cullins c. 2005

If your web site doesn't sell what you want to, then you may need to look at these seven tips you may be unaware of.

1. Know your audience.

Just like you need to know your audience for your book or your seminars or teleclasses, you also need to know your Web site visitor. . Your whole site should be written for your one preferred audience. You say a lot of different people will want what you have? Maybe. But during your first year or so, market to just one audience, so you don't waste energy and time.

One way to get clear so you can get your site clear is to write your audience a letter. Dear Small Business Woman.... Women buy 70% of all books, and men can enjoy a book written for a woman too. You may even add age, income, and buying habits to your profile. In your letter, say I created this product or this service because I know you are in this place and want or need what I offer. Then, write out 3-5 benefits of your product or service, so you include this information. When you know your audience, your writing is so much more natural and compelling. That will give your targeted visitors more reasons to buy.

Within this letter, mention your audience's problems or challenges, even their resistances. Meet them where they are now. Now you have a model on which to base a sales letter for each product or service you offer. If you market to more than one audience, people who visit your Web site will be confused because you are--your site is too general.

2. Revamp your home page with headlines.

You only have 10 seconds to hook your visitor to hang around a while. Visitors are more likely to read the headlines than the copy beneath them. The more time they spend on your site, the more chance you have to sell them something. But be patient. Most visitors will visit 5 - 7 times before they trust you enough to buy. Make your headlines more specific and benefit driven. Make Money is too general. But make money so you can take that well-deserved Caribbean vacation, or buy that new car you wanted, will motivate your audience to click to more information, even your sales letter.

Expand your benefit statements with visual or feeling words.

After you use my product or service, you will look like a young woman. Or, after you read my book, you will short cut your writing time so you can write and publish a short book in three months. Do this and you'll feel like a toddler running through the surf.

3. Test your home page parts.

Make sure the top testimonial does the job to get your visitor to click to your product's sales letter. Revamp your ezine offer to include benefits. Put up a few questions your visitors want answers for, and then answer them. Listing 5 benefit-driven headlines for your service. Use an email survey to see which one compels your visitor to click to sales letter.

4. Check the copy and links on your site frequently.

One biggest newbie common mistake is to not check your webmaster's work each time it's uploaded. When people have difficulty to find what they want, they'll just click away to another web site. Bad links can really cost you sales.

5. Make it easy for your visitor to buy.

When I first put up ClickBank to take orders, I didn't include enough information and steps for my non-techie visitor. I also listened to potential clients who wanted pay pal. I got it installed the next week, and sales zoomed. I learned to step back and see all from a beginner's point of view. In your sales letter, you may want to offer several links to buy your product. Visitors are impatient to get to the gold. Always offer a toll-free number too for reluctant Webbies.

6. Think simple. Visitors don't like bells and whistles that distract and large graphics that take longer than 10 seconds to load. Give them what they want--free content. This means you need to write short articles, tips, and post on your web site as well as on other people. Your coach discovered this over four years ago, and this one easy way to promote brings over 3000 visitors a day, who after seeing new content on the site each two weeks, come back again and again. The more visits and the longer the visits, the more likely you can change a potential customer into a faithful long term one.

7. Set your Web site up to be skimmed. Use headlines and copy that pulls your visitor to your sales page and order page. Make your copy fits your topic or service. If you are a business consultant, make your site clean and clear. Use colors like red, yellow and blue on a light background to please a business eye. If you offer life or health information or service, make your colors green, yellow. Keep your illustrations fresh and appropriate. Birds flying may not be the right graphic for a personal growth site. Visitors who are potential customers like a clearly laid out site, so beware of copy that confuses. Make your web site reflect all that you are.

Before you call your webmaster, take time to plan your site. First, what are the 2-3 things you want to sell? If you give too many choices, your visitor may get confused and not buy at all. Second, who is your preferred audience? Focus your copy on them. Third, what words and phrases will convince your visitor to keep coming back, or even buy?

Keep evolving your site as you and your business grows. Brand yourself or your business by branding the parts of your site. Your ezine title should be similar to your business name. Your books should reflect your service.

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