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Article 208

Why Self-Published eBooks are Winners
Judy Cullins c. 2005

Myths abound about print books being the right kind of book and eBooks being on their last leg. These ideas spring from traditional publishing.

Hopeful authors have read it many times--that a true book, one that will bring you reverent kudos, must be in print and must be long. And it must have a top agent and publisher. Maybe true five-ten years ago. Like you, I believed it at first and went down that rocky road to get an agent, then publisher. Way too hard and took way too long.

My first rule. Write a short book first. Notice famous authors such as Ken Blanchard did. Second rule. Write a non-fiction, self-help book first, then a novel. You'll experience more success with a non-fiction. Then, you can use the profits to stay the long haul for your fiction.

Follow my lead. First, I wrote print booklets or journals and sold them at the back of the room in seminars of the same name. This led to thousands of income each month. Then I read self-publishing books such as Dan Poynter's. Right track. But, then I realized one can write a print and an eBook at the same time. And, you can sell either from your own Web site. Or, you can take a 50% or less royalty and sell from someone else's site.

Remember one great benefit of eBooks. The author gets by with little cost. You can send the books via email if you don't have a Web site yet, and you can offer them as downloads at your site.

One great benefit of short eBooks. Your audience loves them. They don't want to spend a lot of time reading. They want quick solutions in an easy to read format. They don't want long books over 130 pages with too much extraneous information. Give them answers to their questions and you'll have fans for life.

The sad truth that no emerging authors wants to believe--that they can get the publisher to publicize, promote and market their book. Not true. It's amazing how many bookcoaching clients really want to turn it all over to someone else. The problem is it's way too expensive, and no one knows nor has more passion for a book than the author. It's not money that rules, but a creative approach to sharing your wealth.

Another rule. If you can write a book, you can also write ad copy for the book's introduction, the short "tell and sell," the back cover, or the Web or email sales letter. You just need some coaching from a pro. Start a promotion savings account and spend a little to get the best words that will attract and give your audience enough information to make them compelled to buy your book. .

Join a telegroup that writes each two weeks and exchanges files with each other. Of course make sure the bookcoach is savvy and knows how a saleable book is put together, knows short cuts to write fast, and clear, and gives you useful feedback to help your book grow and get born.

What's your intention? To think it takes too much time, too much money and you aren't much of a writer? If you can get by your resistances, you can learn how to write--well. So your book will sell well. If you put a little daily attention on your book project, you can finish it.

Take some small action today and feel powerful, because authors are a special breed-and the club is awaiting your unique, useful information product. . .

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