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Article 214

Getting High in Search Engine Placement - The Natural Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic
Judy Cullins c. 2006

Are you wasting hours and money down the drain Google-gazing and Google-ad-buying trying to get your business in the top ten search engine placements?

What if you spent no money and a little time on the tried and true # one online marketing method? Submitting articles and tips to top 20 business web sites or article directories?

For introverts and reluctant marketers! You can build a huge web presence and be in the top 20 listings in Google and other search engines by submitting your articles to top web sites in your field. Many sites such as offer authors many categories--business, personal growth, women's issues, parenting, food, writing and speaking and health and fitness.

This number one way to promote your book or business Online is a win/win for all. The web sites publish your article to give their visitors new content, and from your submitted article, you get web visitors to the site where you sell your book or offer your service. Your bookcoach started by submitting to 10 Web sites over five years ago, and now to over 130, she rotates and sends to 50 Web sites a week. At first, the submission may take five minutes each, but after a little practice, you or your inexpensive assistant can submit three-five articles at a time to 20 to 30 web sites in about an hour. That's 50+exposures of your savvy expertise to attract all the clients and customers you want.

Results? Like your coach who gets 5000 visitors a day, you get many times your present targeted web visitors. You become a household name for your topic. You brand your business so others respect you and use you for a resource. You make much higher and more consistent income. And, you get your unique, important message out to make this world a better place.

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