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Article 229

Are your Web pages Sagging? Five Low Cost Ways to Lift It
Judy Cullins c. 2006

Are your web sales down? Practically non-existing? Do you wonder what it will take to change this? Do you want to take action, but don't know where to start? When you are willing to take on this challenge, you are ready to make other choices.

Maybe you resist like I did with my first web site. It only sold $200 a month. But, after one face lift with bookcoaching my web site really improved to sales over $4500 a month.

It's common for businesses who want great sales to revise their web sites three times, even more. So, like me maybe your third time is the charm. Sales are zooming past double now.

Perhaps you think...

This is going to cost too much. I don't know how to write good sales copy. Where can I find right people and information to carry this task out?

While these can be daunting, you simply have to decide and be willing to begin. Here's five ways to go for it without spending gobs of money.

1. Model your web pages after a successful web site you admire.

Like me, you may want to check out a web site that a professional web master has put up. Notice the home page, the web site's purpose, and message of what it wants to sell.

When these are clear you can increase your sales many times.Adapt your pages so you can too. Like me, you'll want to pay attention to the headlines used on the home page and within the sales letters for each product or service offered at the site.

2. Decide what the number one thing is you want to sell.

Let's hope it's the highest money. Then, what is number two? And so forth. It's best to sell big ticket items, then a few related books or products as low-cost leaders. You need to decide what you want to make from your efforts. Since you will pay about 7% for a credit card provider and incur other web site expenses, mark your prices accordingly. If you don't do this preplanning, your web site will look like a cluttered closet. It needs a focus.

3. Look and listen to who is really profiting.

So many boasts. So many promises. Look deeper beyond the "killer" copy. You want to model your own site after a professional who has been in business a long time-who is solid, and reasonable. Tailor your language to still fit you, but also give your visitors enough sales information to make a decision to buy.

4. Get the mentors you need to get your site right for sales.

Don't call your webmaster until you find a person who can help you write an order-pulling sales letter. For instance, you'd want someone who already has many books out, each one with a sales letter. When you work with a coach, it's less money, because your write the drafts for feedback.

Or, you may want to hire a copywriter to write the copy for you. Some will write a sales letter for $300, others charge up to $1000 and more. They will give you a work sheet so your sales message will suit your purposes.Some choose this method because they don't think they can write, but the coach encourages you to write your own copy to reflect your unique personality and be true to you.

5. Connect with a money-successful internet coach to help you formulate a new message that really suits you, your business, your book and your service. This person should have writing experience in sales letters and all other marketing language.

One last option is to do nothing--keeping your client base stagnant and not letting the world know about the wonderful service or products you offer.

For more information about web sites, the Internet, and copywriting click here.

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