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Article 231

Email Glitches and How to Solve Them
Judy Cullins c. 2006

Wondering why your emails don't reach your audience?

Wonder why you don't get more responses when you do send out an email campaign? These glitches and others may cost you valuable clients and sales. Apply the solutions below and see if you con' get better responses.

Do your important emails not reach your audience? Reasons include that your audience didn't put email address in their address book, they may have blocked your email address. tTheir email box is full, or you may have misspelled the email address.


1. Send a note to all new subscribers or people on your lists. Like this,"Please add my email to your address book so you won't miss out on important information and resources you want."

2. Keep a phone number as an alternate way to communicate with people who already contacted you about your service or product.

3. Keep you own address book up-to-date. Remember people have more than one email. Collect all that help you reach your important contacts.

Wonder if your email was ever opened? We know that over 50% of people who subscribe to our ezines don't even open them. If you want more to open your emails, you have to do more than just list your name or ezine title.


1. Pay attention to the subject line. Without any, no one will open your email. With an announcement like "Judy's Seminar Schedule" no one will open that, because it doesn't state a benefit. Place your feature article title first of your ezine. That way people can see if it's a topic of interest to them.

2. Pitch only one topic or offer at a time in an outgoing email promotion to your groups. Then the subject line with its befit-driven or curiosity raising phrase will compel the receiver to open the email. "Finish your Book Project Within a Month" may arouse some curiosity and also the more committed person will open the email.

3. Strike a balance between keeping your name in front of your data base so they'll remember you when they need your service or product, but won't think you are a pest with so many mailings.

Just unsubscribe to those daily or bi-weekly messages that hound you. But, keep legitimate messages and useful information from professionals you know and respect.

Wonder why your targeted audience doesn't visit your site or doesn't stay long enough to see your valuable offerings?. The reasons can be many. Maybe your web site doesn't have a good sales letter for your product or service. Or, maybe you don't capture enough emails from your visitors. Or, maybe you don't do enough epromotion such as article writing and submitting, to attract your audience.


1. Check your signature file in your email and the one you send with your articles to top web sites. Does it offer a free report or eBook? Does it compel your reader to visit you?

2. Add new content to your web site each week or so. People will return and stay when they know new content awaits them. That means Articles!

Do you send out emails that are not blind copied, so all the addresses don't show?

If you don' blind copy, you expose your receivers to spam; anyone who sees the list can misuse it for their own purposes. Once you get a nasty note from someone on the list, you'll wish you had taken more care.


1. For Microsoft Outlook blind copy go up to the View menu, selecting All Headers, and then type or copy all the addresses you wish to send to in the BCC box.

2. To send a blind copy for AOL,put parentheses around the first email and the last one. ((,

3. Ask your email provider how to blind copy so you can send to multiple addresses at the same time.

Watch your numbers for broadcast mailings.. Most email providers accept 50 names in one email. Send to this size and see what happens. If it's too much trouble, then get a service such as constant contact or 1shoppingcart.

You can avoid email glitches and get more connected with your audiences when you take the time to do it right.

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