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Article 233

How to Write an Ad for Email Marketing
Judy Cullins c. 2006

Do you see ads on other people's ezines? See them as Google Ad words or blogs? Do you wonder if they work?

Some do. And some don't. One client put up a four line ad to get her new web site up on the lists. She got 400 hits in a day, but not one click. That's because writing a great ad with the right key words and benefits isn't easy. Another client submitted her seven line ad to her competitor and related subject ezines. She didn't try to sell a book or service, but instead wrote strong enough beneifts to pull new subscribers for her monthly business ezine.

Build your data base to thousands, even tens of thousands.Know that short ads pull well if written well with the right offer. If placed well, you will receive great benefits--new subscribers, new visitors, and new sales.

If you decide this path is for you, remember, like all sales copy, you will want to edit this three to ten times to create the best possible ad. Get feedback from pros who can spot a weak word or phrase. Make sure your offer in the ad is free.

Aim for the five-seven line ad of 65 characters across to fit easily in most ezines and email promotion.

Three Steps To Create your First Ad Draft.

One. Write your headline. This goes first and includes the top benefits for you newsletter or other free report you give away to get those valued email addresses. This part sells. Take your list of benefits out of your files. Start the first sentence with a command verb that illustrates a benefit. This can be your headline.

Headline Examples: Discover how to attract the man of your dreams. Quadruple your ezine subscribers in four months. Build your client data base to promote to each month. Your headline can ask a question, should create curiosity, and always include a top benefit or two.

Two. Write the body. Include more benefits and features. What's the format of your offer?. What does your free ezine offer? For instance, free feature article, free tips, free resources.

Three. Write the call to action. Go to this web site to sign up for the ezine and receive your free report "20 High Octane Book Writing and Marketing Tips." Questions? Include your email address. Send them to an autoresponder your webmaster has set up. Or, send to a special page on your web site.

Remember to make a big promise and keep it. Build your business with integrity. Educate your potential clients and customers instead of the hard sell. They will appreciate it and tell their friends and associates.

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