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Article 236

Web Site Face Lift Writing Exercises
Judy Cullins c. 2006

If your Web site has been up more than a few months, and you haven't gotten any new business, consider reconstructing it so it pulls sales. Here are four writing exercises you must do before you hire a web master to lay your site out.

1. Know your specific audience, their needs and desires. This profile needs to include their problems, interests, values and how they like to receive a service or product. In a Dear Web Audience, write a half-page letter saying how you can help them (benefits) with their challenges or problems (know all of these).

2. Use a worksheet to preplan your Web site. Include your purpose. Do you want to make money, gain credibility, share your unique message? What is your number one product? Others? List the top five things you want to sell including seminars, teleclasses, coaching, consulting, books.

3. List at least 10 benefits your service provides. Discover the five best benefits. Benefits are outcomes of using your service or product. Create more money, relationships, save time.

Too many small businesses don't know how to talk sales language for their services. They mistake features for benefits. Features like stories, tips, how tos, explain and don't sell, benefits do.

4. List 5-10 features too. These are features:

-you offer phone sessions for the convenience of the client
-you email back up support and information to help solve a particular problem
-you take quick phone questions in between coaching sessions
-you give a specific strategy session to accomplish a client's goal
-you give clients a 15 minute free reading time for feedback on next call-for added value

More features:
5 Tips to..., 7 Steps to..., 9 Ways to..., other how to's or tips

5. Connect your five best benefits with your best features--the how you will accomplish the benefits. For instance:

"Save yourself time and money down the drain and be on the fastest track to publishing success with this how to get your book written ebook " This testimonial can be a link on your site too to lead your visitor to the sales letter.

Create a variety of headlines that have marketing pizzazz. They can be in the form of a question, a command, a shocking statement, but they are all full of specific benefits. "Quadruple your Online Income" is not enough. You must show how much time that takes.

Create a picture of the outcomes your client will see, hear and feel. You must touch your potential client's soft spot--that nerve center that says Yes, I want that!

Tap into your creative side, either with a friend, associate, or a online writing coach who knows this uncharted territory--the language of sales.

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