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Article 238

Top 7 Ways to Make Your Book a Reality
Judy Cullins c. 2006

You have a dream--to write and publish a book. Many of you also want to see your book in your readers' hands-you may want a publisher. As a long-term bookcoach, one thing for sure is that you also want to make money and get a little attention for your trouble. Follow these guidelines to make your book a reality.

1. Choose a subject you're passionate about now and will be for three years. If you are a speaker, that could be a talk you already give or are developing. If you are a professional coach or consultant, you have your clients as a major resource for an inspiring chapter.

2. Have intention. Write a plan, acquire proper resources like a teleseminar, and open a special bank account for your book for coaching, book and cover design, editing, and promoting. Without some money, your project will slow down and you'll get disillusioned.

3. Give your book attention. Schedule writing time each week. Think easy and short. Each week write two articles taken from your talks or your client's challenges. String the reports together with a great transition, and In less than two months you'll have a short book! You will love this Salami method, one slice at a time! If you write a page a day you'll have 365 pages at the end of the year. That's enough for two or three books!

4. Be patient. As with your talks if you are a speaker, or if you are a coach or consultant, think about your client’s situations they want solved. These things you already know and can make book-writing a breeze. No real research needed because it's all within you now. Get peer feedback along the way. Take a seminar, teleclass, or contact an experienced bookcoach.

5. Be willing to do what it takes. Never give up. Persistence writes books. The biggest mistake is to put your gem on the back burner. When you write it and get it to your audience, all kinds of wonder results occur-money, savvy expert status, and respect for your knowledge.

6. Create your book’s vision. Name when you will complete it and the specific outcomes you will have. See yourself cashing checks from sales. Feel confident you'll get far more clients and income.

7. Allow yourself enough time to make your book a reality. If you take a stab at writing once a week, it won't work. Since most of you already work eight hours a day, know that your book will add another 7-15 hours a week if you want to finish in less than a year. That means burning some midnight hours and weekend writing. This is the way successful authors finish books.

While it takes some effort and a little money, your finished book will always please you and make you feel great about yourself. And, it can make your business highly visible and you can make a lot of money from it.

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