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Article 239

Can the Internet Make you Real Money?
Judy Cullins c. 2006

Naturally, you want enough to live well, to take a great vacation this year, and you may want to send a child to college or buy a new car. These goals are possible because of the magic of article writing and marketing. Especially if you are a small company like me.

You can make your business appear much larger when you get huge visibility on the internet-with advanced article marketing. Following this path for five years has tripled an already decent income. It's great because it's free. It's the best viral marketing around because when you submit five articles, your URL gets listed on hundreds of other sites. When you keep submitting, you can be listed on over 100,000 other web sites. What that will bring you is some 5000 plus visitors a day like your coach. Big companies consult with her often on this simple, easy way to reach more clients and customers.

You can still benefit from this trend because article marketing is accepted the world over. People want new information, possibly in your subject area. When you send your multiple articles to 10 to 100 web sites over time, you'll get a top Google or Yahoo listing. The millions of people wanting quality content visit these high-traffic web sites and article directories. Just check one. and you'll see variety of categories you can submit to.

The minute I started article marketing, I discovered better ways to write the articles, and more streamlined ways to submit them, writing how to books to help. Still flourishing after five years, you may want to check out this model to know that it's doable for you too, even if you think you're not a writer.

Do it with a partner who cares about you. Who has already walked the talk, made the good money, and knows each step of the way that pays off.

No, it's not a quick fix. It's a long-term success deal. You simply write short tips and articles, submit them to top sites and article directories. You buy products and services that take you straight to the gold. When you look into article marketing, you'll see the benefits are huge--as the millionaires and this author say--it's still the number one way to market online. And it's free and low cost, doesn't need any special computer or writing ability. People visit web site article directories to get free information. Your article can be there for them. Leading them straight back to your web site where you sell you products or service.

When you check out a few web sites who use article marketing, then check out an internet marketing coach who has walked the talk and grown sales exponentially. Using a mentor will short cut your road to big financial wealth from advanced article marketing because you won't make the same time and money mistakes.

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