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Article 241

Top 10 Ways to Show Commitment to Your Clients
Judy Cullins c. 2006

Whatever coaching service you give, your client recommends you and appreciates you because of who you are and the commitment you show him or her. These 10 ways will bring you many more new clients and help you keep the ones your already have.

1. Listen to your client.

In early meetings your client may not be focused. That's OK, because when you listen, then you can sift out what the client wants to focus on. For example, often new bookcoaching clients come with three-ten partial books, book ideas, and pages of research. To help them focus, I ask them which topic or book are they the most passionate about. And, which one will they be willing to write or finish first, then spend time a few years or more promoting it before they write another one. Not an easy task for writers. And, they can think about the other ideas as possibles after the first one gets finished.

2. Treat your client as special.

Send a note inbetween meetings with a little tip, quote, encouragement, or "just thinking about you." They work hard at their goals in their busy life. Acknowledge them as they overcome their fears and stride out to create their new picture.

3. Remember your client's dream.

Early on, you've asked your clients about their personal or business dream. That is the driving force behind successful coaching and manifesting goals. Remind them of the dream to keep all flowing easily and effortlessly.

4. Always give your client extras from what she expects.

Besides your past knowledge and your present awareness give your client any new keys you are learning to make the learning curve faster and easier. A good consultant grows constantly to keep open for new and wondrous ways to make life and business better.

5. Know and respond to your client's personal life.

Consulting isn't all know how and techniques. It's a relationship between two people who give and take to get to the desired outcomes. When you know them more personally and they you, more compassion and better results emerge.

6. Go the extra mile. Be flexible with client's needs. Change a schedule if you need to. Give extra help through a phone call or email. While it's not good to break service because the flow stops, sometimes it's unavoidable when life interrupts.

7. Share great time and money-saving resources with your client. If you know of a great webmaster who is savvy with marketing and reasonable, share that. Share other techie know how and useful web sites with your client to make his/her life easier.

8. Refer your client to other professionals if you cannot help them with a particular challenge. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness. As a full service bookcoach, I send clients to wonder cover masters, web masters, and printing wizzards. This saves them time and money and hit and miss research.

9. Make sure your client's needs are met. Send a note with "How am I doing?" Include a short check list so if need be, your client can point out something he's not quite happy about. This feedback helps you grow so you will give better service next time.

10. Refund your client money if he isn't happy with your service. We dont all fit each others' style. It's no fun to work with a client who does not appreciate what you give either. So, keep your client openings flowing for new clients that are a good fit with you.

Be open to improve your service. When you get a lot of verbal kudos, make a note of it and later, ask clients for a short testimonial that you will write a draft for to save your client time. As a good testimonial is worth its weight in gold, so is a good client.

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