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Article 245

Stand Out From the Crowd with Advanced Article Marketing
Judy Cullins c. 2006

You don't have to pay big money for a "Millionaire" seminar. You don't have to inch along with old-style marketing that takes too much time and money. You don't have to tell and sell. You don't have to spend big dollars for pay-per-click or Google ads.

You simply need to write articles (some call them white papers) and post them on your site, send out to your data base for your email promotion campaigns, and submit them to high-traffic web sites and article directories. This totally organic way to market leads all other styles of marketing and is perfect for the non-techie and newbie as well as the seasoned pro.

Why? Because your audience surfs these sites looking for free information. When they see your article there they remember you as a savvy expert in your field. Then they visit your site. Why? because in your web bio/signature box, you've enticed them to come to your site to get their free report or ezine. They want more of you. They come for free content that can help them solve their challenges.That's why you also keep your fresh articles on your site.

Your payoff? You get your web visitors email when they subscribe and then can engage your audience repeatedly in your ongoing email promotions. Remember, these are your targeted market and are much more likely to buy your book, product, or service.

Your coach calls this # 1 internet viral marketing path Advanced Article Marketing and has used it for over five years to take her business to the top. It works so well you'll be listed on not just 1000's of web sites with a link to your site, but 100,000's of web sites. Your web site will attract 1000's per day instead of a few.

Let's say you have a book, a package with a book, CD and video you want more sales for. Advanced article marketing works great for this. But that's not all. After submitting many articles, your business will get well known too. You'll build credibility from the articles, and when your readers of your articles visit your web site, they'll be like old friends, ready to buy.

Through articles you speak directly to the audience that is interested in your subject. You can post your articles on newsletters where subscribers want your information. And, you can submit them to high-traffic web sites.

Results! Results! Results!

Create More Book and Business Sales

With your targeted audience reading your articles, you become known as the savvy expert. Word gets around to your visitor's other associates. Then your site will get 1000's of daily visitors that computes to sales. From an unknown to a super star in months.

Turn your Targeted Visitors into Sales

When these article readers come to your site, they are already alligned with you and your information. They found your articles on popular article directories and web sites. That attracted them to your web site where they expect to get more solutions to their problems. Presold, they are much more likely to subscribe to your ezine, leave their email for a special report and browse your other articles. Eventually they will click onto your product or service links raising your conversion rate. Targeted visitors are much more likely to convert to sales.

Generate More Traffic to Your Web Site

That's what everyone wants. More traffic. But when you write and submit articles (or have your assistant do it) to hundreds of web sites, the traffic that comes to you means a possible client or sale. They already want what you have.When yourweb site is set up to assist them in solving their challenge, you have the perfect marriage. Good information, including sales letters for each product or service and good free content to keep your visitors coming back.

Increase Inbound Links

Web sites need fresh daily content. When they see your article and like its content, they will reprint it on their sites and others. Each time your article gets posted, your URL link will attract the article's readers back to your site. This natural article marketing method replaces the need to exchange links with other sites.

Increase Your Page Rank

Links from popular website sites, especially sites closely aligned with yours, are viewed by Google as "highly relevant". More relevant links result in a Page Rank increase for your site. Your articles give the largest, most popular sites in your industry a reason to link to you. The more relevant links you have, the higher your Page Rank.

Get Better Search Engine Listings

Keep submitting articles each week, because when you do the search engines notice your key words in them and raise your site's placement. It's a thrill when you see your web site listed in the top 10 of the first page. This means mor people will see you and think of your as the expert and go to your site to see what else you offer. That's more traffic and credibility.

Become a Recognized Expert

As you keep submitting your articles, many article directories give you the distinction of being an expert. This increases your credibility and really helps bring these people to your site. Of course, you put the directoryies' logos on your web site to support them as well. Now customers and clients will come to you because they see your knowledge and expertise in your articles. Trust follows, then sales.

Grow Your Affiliate Income

When your article readers see you as the savvy expert, your affiliate sales will soar. Add related products through an affilate program to your own books and packages. Many people who order products at your site will add that useful related one that you sell and get 50% commission. Your recommendations in your sales letters and email promotion mean something.because your data base trusts you after seeing you consistently answering their needs and wants.

When you apply advanced article marketing you will see the law of attraction working. You give freely what your audience wants and the right people will give to you in coming to your web site often, and eventually buying from you. Business people's web sites who use article marketing show up near the top ranking in no time.

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