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Top Ten Reasons to Write Articles to Publicize your Business
Judy Cullins c. 2007

If you have spent time and money down the drain waiting for "word of mouth" to kick in, or multiple hours on networking meetings, you may want to investigate this number one way to publicize your service or products. Beginners welcome. And, once you learn the skills, you can delegate it all to your office assistant.

Here's the Top Ten Reasons to Publicize Your Business

1. It's free.

Top web sites and article directories want your articles. Thousands of daily visitors come to find out more about different topics. They appreciate your knowledge and unique approach to it. They get the articles free. You get to include your powerful web bio or signature file that attracts new people to your web site where your sales letters for your seminars, products, and service are, as well as any business that needs new customers.

2. You can reach from 10,000 to 500,000 of your targeted audience each day that you submit an article.

Your specific audience surfs the top sites and article directories that offer many categories, including yours. They will read your tips and ideas, and if they like them, will visit your web site to see more. When your articles get published, you will be in the top 10-20 pages of the search engine listings.

Remember Bill Gates' prediction: After 2000, you either take your business online, or you won't have one.

3. You will spend far less time promoting online than more traditional ways.

When you spend about a half hour a day each week writing a short article from 200-800 words, you will collect at least five to start to submit. Then write a new one each week to build your article bank and your bank account. The easy part? You then delegate the submissions to your low-cost office computer assistant. Total time promoting? Less than eight hours a week. This organic, natural way to bring targeted visitors to your site will build your reputation and by six months you'll be a household name in your field. For Six years, your coach has practiced this method-and found it to be far better than pay-per-click and other techie ways.

At first, you'll send out to a list of ten high-traffic sites from a list of over 100URLs well researched and updated each six months by your coach. Then, you will add to that and eventually send five articles out 2 x a week to over 100 web sites that offer your category. Remember, business people buy. They want how tos, travel information, book information and all kinds of services, including personal growth.

As your article numbers and list to submit to grow, so will your bank account. When you Google your name you'll see yourself on many other web sites. Maybe 800 the first six months, then over 129,000 after five years. This organic way is viral marketing at its best.

The more, the merrier, because your articles not only put you in the top ten sites through the search engines, but bring you many new product buyers, potential clients, and new customers.

4. Submitting articles is seven times as effective as any other promotion because when you submit many articles, you become known as the savvy expert in your field. And they attract your targeted market.

You may start with just two or three, but each week after creating a new one with a different angle or audience, this outstanding viral marketing technique will bring many new opportunities because many of the people who read them will contact you to publish your articles on their site. See how the good word spreads?

5. You can raise your own ezine subscribers from 10-25 every day you submit an article to multiple web sites and article directories.

If you submit four or five articles a month to 20 web sites, after six months of regular submissions, you'll get 1000ís of links to your site. When you up level your signature file to send with each submission, readers will click to your URL and your sales will roll on endlessly.

After reading six or seven of your ezines, your targeted audience who came to you through these articles, trusts you more, believes in you, and eventually becomes a client or customer.

6. You reach your targeted audience.

Let's say you are a career coach. You write articles that relate to that topic. You send them to top web sites or article directories each week. Your audience visits these sites because they want and need your information. They notice your fabulous web bio and go for your free offer. Or, you have vacation rentals and want to fill your rooms every week, not just for the weekends and holidays. When they read your interesting, helpful articles, they will think of your web site when they are ready to act.

This personal, but streamlined method of advanced article marketing is far better than article blasting services because you directly hit your targeted audience--wanting what you have to offer. And you know who published your articles by the email the sites send you within a day or so.

Please avoid buyer's remorse and craziness as happened to me when I went against my intuition and got an article marketing service. It just didn't work and I wasted hundreds of dollars and my assistant's time that also cost.

7. You and your web site become a household name.

Once thousands of people have read your articles, they will share your information with their friends and associates. The web sites you submit to want new information daily so their visitors will keep coming back. You'll want to post your articles on your web site too, so your audience will keep visiting you. Once you start hearing from people all over the world who want to know more about your service, you can become an international name.

It's not who you know. It's who knows you. The internet changes your promotion game in ways you'll appreciate, because you will not have to spend much time or money promoting.

8. You can promote straight from your home or office.

Right now, I'm looking out my office window to trees, birds, and sunny skies. Yes, it's San Diego. You too can enjoy promotion more because you don't have to go out to sell or tell. With just a little training on how to write these articles fast and powerful, you'll be creating them like you would a new recipe. Your creativity will expand, and you'll feel good you promote the easy, fun way.

Adapt my life motto "If it isn't easy and fun, I just won't do it." Why should promotion be such a struggle? It's natural to share about our service, but it's easier when we are relaxed in our own setting. Sure, phone conversations and networking are fun, but not nearly as productive for the time and money spent as writing and submitting articles are.

9. This number one promotion technique is viral marketing at its best.

In the beginning months, all ten of my articles got published. Friendly people from all over emailed me asking permission to use my articles on their sites or in their ezines. Thrilled, I kept track of their email address after asking permission to send my new articles straight to their email door.

Remember, the gold is in the list. Keep a list of all people's emails who are interested in you and send articles to them on a regular basis. Now, we have a place where visitors can leave their email and continue to get new articles each week.

When you keep submitting articles you can get that high Google rating, and more importantly, attract your preferred audience to your web site. So you can build your data base and collect three, four, and more times your present income.

The amazing thing is as a newbie and a non-techie, who started in fear of the net, yet with the help of a few mentors, books and teleclasses, I figured out how to play and succeed. You can too.

10. Just the key words you use in your article titles and copy can put you in the top 20 web sites in your field.

Your key words will include your full name, your business category, your city, and other phrases that people will type into to find out more about your topic. When a web master wanted me to use Overture or Google to buy key words to optimize my web site's position, I wondered why? Articles do the job better, naturally, and don't cost a dime to write.

This list could go on, because as one person sees your articles, they make offers you can't refuse. You will get published in other author's books, in print media, or found by groups who want to use your service or product.

Most web site owners don't write only their own articles, they are constantly looking for your how-to articles. You can be published in thousands of them!

Writing and submitting articles is the friendliest way I know of promoting online. When you are ready, give it a chance.

Article writing and submitting is the best publicity and promotion effort so far.Think of the categories you can write your articles in. Start writing short articles now, and see how this great exposure to eager online readers and web surfers will bring big business success.

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