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Article 256

Email Marketing That Works to Attract and Keep Coaching Clients
Judy Cullins c. 2007

Have you emailed offers to potential coaching clients and not gotten a reply? Do you wonder what you are doing wrong? Or, do you wonder if email marketing really works? Maybe you should just stick to networking meetings, cold-calling, and word of mouth.

Notice that you simply may need a new, proven plan to attract and keep more clients--an email marketing plan that really works.

What Doesn't Work Well in Email Marketing

-You only send one or two emails in a few months.

-You ask for clients, but don't give anything to them.

-You merely discount your packages-not enticing a sale.

-You don't give your subscribers a reason to choose you.

Four Email Marketing Plans That Work

1. Offer a free taste of your coaching. You need to think about an irresistible offer, one your prospective clients can't refuse. Send them an email that announces a special day where you will take their 10 minute calls to answer a coaching question via the phone. Prepare them to have their agenda ready, even email ahead so you can give it thinking time. Don't make expectations, but give your caller full respect and answer them fully from an educational position.

Results? From my experience on 14 calls, five books sold, and two people became clients.

2. Think email promotion campaign, not just a once or twice shot in the dark. That means send a series of messages to your prospects about two-four weeks apart.

The first one should be no obligation, just a free offer they can easily respond to. Offer your free ezine, a free report-- by autoresponder or request via subject line. Make sure you include the benefits of these in the copy. When they respond, collect their emails and keep them in a file you can send more messages and promotions to. Keep a record what report they wanted so you can be more specific about helping them next.

The second one could be a free how to report related to one of your products or services. Make sure you also include its benefits in the copy. Follow that with a related special offer good for only two weeks. Give them a little marketing blurb with benefits, then give them the link where you offer it at your web site. You can also give them your telephone numbers, or way to order by check or mail order sent to your business address. Even in a high-tech world, many of your clients prefer calling or ordering by mail.

The third one should be a short sales letter that describes your service, includes several testimonials from satisfied clients, five or so benefits of coaching, and makes several "coaching packages" offers. Always offer a low cost, middle cost, and higher cost package. Most people choose the middle one.

If this seems daunting, connect with a writing coach who knows sales letters and marketing copy. Be sure you include "coaching packages" as a link on your web site.

Naturally, your audience will procrastinate--even on a free offer, so give it a finish line or as some say, a deadline. Now, you are giving them another reason to act now.

3. Prepare several lengths of messages for different purposes.

Think very short, short, slightly longer and long messages.

-When you attend a networking meeting you announce yourself in 30-60 seconds. You want your defining statement to say who you are and what you do for that particular audience. "I'm Sandra, and I work with people like yourselves who want to attract more clients now."

- Learn how to write a 5-7 line ad that you can use in ezines and emails. You may want to share or exchange a blurb about your ezine with a related professional.

- Put your defining statement into print for your email signature file. Add to your signature file your contact information plus a free offer to attract your readers to your web site.

-Write a short sales letter about your services for email marketing. First ask questions about where your audience is now. Then add headings and give examples for these:

Specific Outcomes From the Coaching (how you can solve particular challenges) The Value your Clients Receive from your coaching, Main Area of Focus in the Coaching depending on need, What to Expect in the Sessions, and Why You Are the Best Choice for the job.

-Use this same approach with phone inquiries too. The point is to keep your conversation focused on the needs of your potential client.

-Write a longer sales letter about your services for you web site. Use the same headlines as you did for the email sales piece. Take all the time and words you need to educate your web visitors so they can make an appropriate action.

4. In each sales piece be sure to include 3rd party testimonials of how your work has helped individuals get to where they wanted to be.

Now you can stop wasting your time and money sending out messages that no one reads. With a benefit driven headline in each email subject line you get your audience to open the email.

Within your copy, take the educational approach and look professional. Using email marketing takes the approach that you are a professional in business for the long run. When your potential clients keep hearing from you regularly with news they can use, they will think of you when they are ready to take action.

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