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Article 259

Advanced Article Marketing-Attract New Cllients by Leveraging your Present Articles
Judy Cullins c. 2007

Maybe you've heard about article marketing. And even tried it. And, you may be missing out on recycling your articles to give you much more visibility than to just submit them to article directories and place them on your web ssite.

Here's 10 Ways

1. Upload to your web site new articles every two weeks.This gives your visitors a good reason to return and spend more time on your web site. Your audience loves free content and so do the search engines. More time, eventually more buying.

2. Recheck your article titles. Be sure to make the first words search engine friendly with key words that people put into Google to search for your topic. When you Google your name you'll see what the search engines like. They like benefit words and phrases. They like key words and phrases.

3. Take article titles from your ezine and add them to your site under ezine's archived favorites. More titles that search engines will see. This works for tips too. To see this in action, visit a web site that does this.

4. Transform questions from your subscribers and potential clients into a three-part article including three questions and your answers in one topic each. You can also submit these to the article directories and your web site. Make sure the title has key words or benefits. For example, one of mine: "Advanced Article Marketing-Three Questions and Answers."

5. Turn your articles into fre.e special bonus reports. No matter the length, your article can be the reason people buy larger packages from you--they want this particular information. Keep a folder called "Special Reports" in addition to "Articles to Submit."

Each time you create a new product be sure to comb this goldmine. Naturally, you'll want to add a bit to change the article you already submit. Add a story, some resources. Be sure to give it a title page that includes your other products list and links to buy.

5. Create an eBook as a ezine subscription bonus to double your sign ups. For example see the three categories in this 20-page eBook "20 High Octane Ways to Write, Publish, and Market your Book." Opt-in subscriptions doubled each month from this one effort.

6. Combine short tips into a new article that have a focus on one topic. You can share the tips separately with other ezine publishers and then use the tips in an article to submit as a new article.

7. Sell information products from your articles. Be sure to add segways and transitions so it sounds like a book, rather than an article. That; means you need a beginning hook and thesis, a middle and an end.

8. Make more affiliate sales when you write and give articles to your affiliates, especially the benefit-driven ones. "Why do this" articles are like a mini sales letter. They don't need to be long, maybe a half a page.

9. Be a guest article contributor to other ezines.They want your articles and will come to your site to get them. Often, an email will come announcing your article was enjoyed by these ezines. That makes your own list of subscribers go way up.

10.. Submit your articles to over 130 Web Site URLs each few weeks to keep your name alive. To increase greatly your ezine subscribers and your web visitors.

Advanced article marketing takes your few submissions to a few web sites over the moon--to get your site in the top 10 by search engines, and to attract your target market to your site for continued product sales and all the clients you want.

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