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Article 27

Write a Power Press Release and Get a Feature Story
Judy Cullins c. 2004

Do you send out press releases? Have they brought you financial rewards? If not, you may want to rethink how to write a good one—one that gets really good press. If editors notice and love your press release, they will want to interview you for a feature story, which can get you valuable attention.

For example, you get editorial space worth anywhere from $1500 to over $5000 in "free advertising." The space is worth seven times as much as an ad because it implies the newspaper endorses you.

Market Yourself through the Interview

TIP: Always ask the interviewer is there any problem with mentioning your phone number or Web site. What good is a feature if your audience can’t get in touch with you? They usually say yes.

The San Diego Union-Tribune responded to my press release by giving me space worth $2000. Funny, they didn't even interview me. The columnist created her own story. She used this heading: "Workshop Guides Novice Book Authors." She said that a seminar participant might be the next John Grisham.

My phone rang off the hook for over a week. I took over 100 calls and collected over 60 email address. To each of the latter I sent my monthly eNewsletter and got four new book-coaching clients worth thousands of dollars over the next few months.

You Have What Editors Need

Editors and radio/TB talk show producers want and need human-interest stories, and newsworthy stories. You have what they need—solutions to problems their particular audiences have. You have seven seconds to impress them. So when writing your press release, write an outrageous headline. Then, be able to prove it.

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