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Article 35

How to Turn an Email Into a Client
Judy Cullins c. 2006

Once a potential client contacts you about your service, what do you do? Do you email them right back asking them questions to clarify their needs? Do you see if there is a fit for future business? Do you have a follow up sales message you can customize to fit an individual's or company's needs? How often do you send this person information to help them remember you?

These people contacted you because they were about ready to make a decision about your kind of service. If you deny them access to ongoing information and ways they can benefit from using your service, you miss endless opportunities to build your client base, give your gifts, and enjoy wonderful relationships. Email promotion works!

The rule of thumb is never waste a warm contact. As a book and business marketing coach who now loves the Internet, I look at every question via email or every phone enquiry as a warm contact. Whether the person is ready, can afford coaching, or just wants a freebie, I treat her royally with the same attention.

The saying goes, "The gold is in the list." At one point you may not have any email addresses from interested people. But you can create promotional and informational copy to entice people to leave you their address. Five years ago, I received 70 emails from a talk I gave to the National Speakers group. From that I figured out easier ways to build my lists and today my list is over 8000.

Use your lists to create relationships and reach each one where they are now with their challenges.

No, they don't all buy, but all of them are interested in the niche service and book business I offer. They may want a free ezine, a free report, or a free question and answer via email or mini coaching session. These all work to keep my coaching practice filled.

Here's Seven Ways to Create More Clients via Email

1.Create email groups for several categories. Your clients come from different sources. Keep each list in a word or textpad file for easy access and group mailouts. Some of you may use your Outlook program for this.

You may send an ezine out, so keep your subscriber list separate. When someone asks a question about your service, add that email address to a file called "potential clients." From each teleclass, keep your lists separate and in a group teleclass file.

To stimulate interest in coaching, I ocassionally offer a free 10 minute phone or email Q and A coaching session. at the end of the session, not only do I suggest one of my 11 books to help them, I also make another offer. These names I follow up on every few months to see if they have another question or want more information from me.

2. Send free reports, articles and tips your targeted audience will enjoy and benefit from.

Your audience loves attention. To create good will and rapport, create a short article and send it to any one or multiple lists In the email subject line put the title, "Five Tips to Get All the Clients you Want" gratis report. More than half your list will open this! Open the email up with Dear Particular Audience, I'm sending you this .... Tell them to share with others as long as they include your signature file.

Send these every month or so to different email groups to keep your name on your potential client's lips.So you are never considered spam, offer an opt-out message at the end.

3. Keep track of every customer. Some of these are book buyers. Some are clients and teleclass participants. Let them know you appreciate them. Offer a free book update each year.

You won't believe the "thank you's" you'll get. To others offer the free tip or report each few months, always letting them see your email offers. Invite questions from your customers too.

4. Develop a conversational soft sales message for your business service. Within this include questions as to where your preferred clients are now, specific outcomes they want and need, questions they have, format and style of your service, and what to expect from it. Since this is email, make it less than a page long. Of course, you will need to put a benefit-driven headline in your email subject line to get people to open it.

Success Story. In only one and a half months, my clients grew from seven to 17 through this email promotion campaign. Building a higher stream of income, I was able to let go of several other venues that took more work and yielded less income. You can succeed too.

5. Send a different message to each of your email groups with a special message referring to their particular need or want. Be sure you meet all of these people on your different lists via email every few months.

This email promotion technique is all-important to service businesses to attract new clients. It works well with present and past clients too, because it illustrates your growth and new services you now offer. Think of added value. My clients learn what I know and also what I am learning.

6. Avoid the silent treatment. The biggest mistake small businesses make is not connecting often with their potential clients. Maybe you feel you don't want to bother them, or you don't know what to say, or you don't know what to ask. What's the most awful thing that can happen when you email your lists? That they don't answer? But many of them will. So take a chance and send that tip out today. You'll be smiling about it.

7.Create and send a targeted ezine regularly.

If you are a professional counselor, consultant, coach, speaker, seminar leader, author or other business person, you need to develop and offer one of the most powerful Online marketing tools around--the eNewsletter or ezine.

Your ezine's purpose is two-fold:

One-it should give your clients and potential product buyers something that benefits them such as tips, articles, resources and special offers. Subscribers want information and they love a bargain. Your ezine will offer all former clients, present ones, and potential ones particular how-tos and other useful free information. In turn, your subscribers will become your loyal supporters.

Two-Because of your generous sharing with your subscribers, they will support you in turn, by forwarding the ezine to their associates, thereby helping you sign up new subscribers. They will also buy your products, attend your seminars and teleclasses and check out your other services. The more targeted your subscribers, the more chance you have of selling your products and services.

These seven client-building techniques can not only save you hours of promotion time and dollars, they serve your clients, the reason your offer your service in the first place.

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