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Article 38

World-class Marketing: When and Where
Judy Cullins c. 2004

Quadruple, even do seven times your present product or service sales. Accomplish this in less than nine months!

You don't even need a Web site with the following easy-to-understand information.

You need to answer these two questions, "When should I start marketing my book or product? and "Where should I focus my marketing for maximum results?"

What is World-Class Marketing?

World Class Marketing entails a five star product such as your book or web site. That means your writing must be sterling. The marketing begins with the copy.

Most creators make the mistake of getting the project completely written. Then they will think about how to market themselves or their book. You don't have to make this big mistake.

The best time to start your marketing is while you are writing your book, promotion copy, or Web site copy. It gives you the bigger picture of where your project is going and will much better serve your particular audience when it is done. Knowing and practicing that, you will write much more focused, compelling copy that practically eliminates editing.

You will answer the big questions and challenges your readers have. To do this, you need to apply the essential "Nine Hot-Selling Points" as your write your piece. These include your sizzling title, branded table of contents, sparkling introduction (mini sales letter), book's benefits, and your 30-60 Second "Tell and Sell."

If you are nearly finished and have your final edits to do, you may still benefit from the "Nine Hot-Selling Points" and "Fast-Forward Writing Technique" (a technique that poses questions and answers to shorten writing time while creating more powerful copy). To take advantage of this, you will have to be willing to make some changes. Why? Because you want your book to sell well. You want to make money--even profits!

Either way you can keep your book, product or service dream alive by getting news of it into the hands of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of readers, rather than a few. You can send this out via print or via online.

If other marketing and promotion campaigns have brought few product sales, left your wallet thinner, wasted your valuable time, and left you with a garage full of unsold masterpieces, you may now be ready to set up your book's virtual marketing machine-the Internet.

Any newbie or non-techie can grab this opportunity as I did. It's as available to you as a friend, a business associate, a support group you attend, or a professional book coach.

You can start right now, even if you don't have a Web site. Learn the non-techie how-to's you need to get started. Think of marketing and promotion as simple networking—friendly networking. This approach combined with online promotion methods can help you start your lifetime book promotion journey. How? Like you would eat an elephant--one bite at a time! Watch your sales grow!

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