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Article 40

Boomerang, Don't Ricochet your Web Site Visitors
Judy Cullins c. 2004

You don't win your Web site visitors' trust right away. It may take from 4-7 visits before they buy. You must always give them a reason to buy, and not offend them in any way because they will ricochet to other sites. Here's some ways to get people to keep coming back to your site:

1. Upload new, original, and useful content often.

On every Web page put a notice: "Bookmark Our Site.” We update material weekly. Then deliver your promise and upload those free articles, book excerpts and tips. Blatant ads such as banners turn visitors off. Give them original information they can't find anywhere else.

2. Give information away for free.

People want and expect free information on your Web site. After realizing your value as an expert, they will start to trust you, and eventually buy from you.

3. Publish your own ezine.

Target it to your specific audience. If you help people find the best career for them, collect emails from people looking to change careers.

Start with a monthly ezine, then see if you can do it bi-weekly. If you don't stay in regular touch with your possible buyers they will forget you and your products. People want to connect Online so they can trust you as their savvy friend. If they like your ezine they will recommend it to others.

4. Give people a reason to go to your site.

In your ezine, before you include your featured article, column, or other tips, place near the top of it: Three Reasons to Visit My Site: Then give them an offer they can't refuse such as a free eReport or eBook. Next, follow that with other specials or discount offers you want to sell this particular month such as "Create Passive and Active Income with eBooks."

5. Offer a "Discounts of the Month" navigation link on your home page.

Once your visitors find this one, they will be back each month to see your new offers. If you are like me and other Web visitors, you don't want to miss anything.

6. Host a discussion group on your site to bring back your visitors more often.

Here, they can interact fully as you share your knowledge and offer suggestions. This project will take more of your time than others, but may be worth it to develop more trust. If you don't use this idea, gather up your answers to clients' or visitors' questions. Use these in a special Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) column. In the past, I offered free answers for writing books on the Web site:

7. Include "useful links "as a navigational bar on your home page where you post other related Web sites and a short description.

This adds value to your site because people like the convenience of shopping for services and products—all on one Web site—yours!

These Web site marketing tips are just the beginning. Be patient with the process. For every improvement you make, be sure it really is an improvement. Use a market survey with savvy friends and associates. Ask they to vote from 1-10. Does this move you to want to find out more? Does this feature enhance my site or not?

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