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Article 47

Know Which Key Words Will Bring Targeted Visitors to Your Web Site
Judy Cullins c. 2006

Yes, you want to optimize your site for search engines at no cost.. One way is to put key rich words and phrases into your articles you submit to the web sites.

As an internet marketing coach, Judy Cullins gives this added value. Here’s one of her clients’ story.

Learn from coaching client Bill Quesnell, author of Minerals: The Essential Link to Health: Six Ways to Put the Mineral Team Back in Your Diet. Email him

“Judy Cullins is a wealth of information–even key words for your site or articles to submit to promote your books or business. She sent me to to catapult hits and sales.”

1. I made copies of my pages and underlined the words and phrases I could change to bring me the most targeted traffic.

2. I went to and downloaded their free Full Installation pack. The site has a simple tutorial and reviews their Frequently Asked Questions.

Their virus-protected download allows you to hook up with a particular search engine, Overture for example, and detect how many “hits” Overture has received for particular words and phrases over a set period of time.

Boy, was this a good learning experience. My site markets my book. Before I used, I used phrases like ‘prevent heart disease,’ ‘prevent cancer,’ ‘prevent stroke,’ and ‘prevent diabetes.’ throughout my site.

3. I typed in ‘prevent heart disease’ and GoodKeywords informed me that phrase received only 162 “hits.” Considerably smaller than 740 “hits” for ‘heart disease prevention.’ Yet, both of these were insignificant when compared to ‘heart disease,’ which produced 32,143 “hits.”

Now I know which words people type into their search engines to get their health information on the web.

In essence the program serves as a self-correction tool. You quickly realize which of your candidates for key words are lousy ones. Wherever I have ‘prevent heart disease’ in my web pages, I do not tag the entire phrase; I tag ‘heart disease’ to maximize the number of visits to my site and hence sales.

Bill, like myself learned the value of key words that get a lot of hits and we all need to be creative and apply potential customer’s input to get our web site up to various article directories and the top ten in our field.

These are your fellow marketing achiever emails you can add to your address book and in a file you have especially for this article marketing. Some are duplicates to be sure the mail gets through.

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