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Article 49

Promote your Coaching or Speaking Business Through eBooks
Judy Cullins c. 2004

In these uncertain times when we all would like to feel safe, and when we don't really want to travel so much for business, we need to look to the Online Marketing Machine of eBooks.

Your audience today is Internet savvy. They love the Web, surf it regularly and are looking for specific information. You have that expertise already and can easily put it into a short book, anywhere from 10-25 pages. You can give it away as promotion, or you can sell it for anywhere from $5.95 to $19.95.

Send your eBook to meeting planners and bureaus to promote your speaking business.It's the best business card because you can expand your benefits, and give a sample of your style. eBooks add value to your talks, and are so easy to distribute.

Business audiences want concise, easy-to-read eBooks on subjects from personal growth to business how-to's. They are willing to read them, pass them along to their associates and friends.

When you include your list of other books, services, and testimonials at the end of each book, you have a way for anyone who receives your book to pass the word along. This Free viral marketing expands just like a virus, and key people will contact you becaue of your quality, unique information.

At the end of each product include your other products and talks to stimulate new sales. Build your reputation as an expert by providing your email and Web address so readers can get back to you, possibly to book another talk.

Why? Because business owners like yourself want Free material to post on their sites and in their ezines.

What it Takes to Build your eBook

Fact: The "Big Lie" myths still survive--that print books are the only books to bring author credibility, that eBooks are not great sellers, and that you have to read your eBook on your computer screen or gadget..

People love eBooks. They don't need a fancy Palm Pilot to read them on. They don't need to read on the screen. Everyone can open and print your eBook or parts of it through attachment or by Portable Document Format (PDF).

Like me, you can advise your customers to start with a certain chapter to make it easy for them. In "Write Your eBook or Other Short Book--Fast!" just read Chapter Three with the essential "Hot-Selling Points" and Chapter Seven with the "Fast-Forward Writing Formula" to get your chapter-writing going fast. These foundation formulas help you write a focused, organized, compelling book with 1/2 the edits.

Hardly anyone wants to read a long book any more.People want easy-to-read, concise and compelling short books. Look at Anna Quinlin whose book of under 3000 words became a best-seller.

Ebooks serve speakers and coaches now. They are the wave of the future top. Anyone, even those who think they can't write, can create a quality eBook in less than a month. With a little help from a book coach and editor, you can learn the three or four best ways to write and distribute your eBook for your Online Promotion and your millions of business people who want and need your unique information.

If you are a speaker, you already have several talks you can give. From these, write short chapters or sections, each answering a question your audience has. What problem do they need solved? Your eBook gives them the answers--short and sweet.

Expand your talk or just take the how-to's and stories to write your first short eBook. If you already have a print book, think about a longer chapter transformed into a new shorter eBook. Instead of 200 pages, think 10-25 pages.Instead of 15 chapters, think of 3-5 sections. Instead of long stories, think of tips. Instead of one book, think series. You will never run out of material!

Your eBooks can be part of your "Big Three" marketing machine: Special Report, Article, and eBook.

From your eBook you can create a shorter eProduct known as the Special Report. You can give these away as a bonus with your talks, your longer books or teleclasses. Or, you can charge $4.95-$8.95 for them.They pull other sales because people appreciate your information.

You can also write or use short articles already in your files to promote your other products and service. Once you subscribe to opt-in ezines where others need your content, you can then submit to reach over 500,000 each day.

At the end of each product include all of your promotion information, your list of other products, your announcement about your speaking or coaching services, your one-page for speaking, and an order page with instructions that make it easy to "buy."

Attract And Keep Long-Term Clients

Using this trio, you will attract many more people to your Web site, to your talks, seminars and teleclasses. You will attract new clients as well as new subscribers to your ezine.

In the long run, you will create a business easy and fun to operate. You'll create even more client loyalty and trust while building your reputation. And you create an ongoing, lifelong income--enough to keep you sound and secure in any economic situation.

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