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Article 53

Ten Top Reasons Authors Need a Web Site
Judy Cullins c. 2006

You may think, "Why not let other web sites sell my book?"

Maybe you've already put your print book into POD and are listed on a web site. Many authors who think they are non-techie, do this. They may do this because it "sounds" cheaper than doing their own site and book delivery. But notice just how many sales and profits these POD author's get. Just listed with 20-40,000 other books and a few lines about your book will not make your book stand out from the crowd as it does with a sales letter on your own web site. Another problem with one at a time print and delivery, the author has little control over his book. And, the price charged may be too high for a type of book that doesn't have a specific audience who wants it.

If you have your own web site for your informational products, you will get to keep all of the money after expenses--always a great advantage, and you will be seen as a market leader in your field. With a little mentoring, this can be easy and inexpensive.

Top Ten Reasons

1. Enhance your online and brand presence with your particular "branding"--why your product or service is the right choice—why you are the preferred expert over your competition.

For instance, the one who says I can help you make your book dream a reality, faster, cheaper, and easier. How? Through designing every part of your book to sell copies--before you write a single chapter applying the nine "essential hot selling points," and how to write each chapter much faster with less editing using the "fast-forward" technique.

2. Enhance product awareness.

When your targeted visitors come to your site to see your free articles and tips, they will become aware of the products you offer. They may not buy the first time, the second or even third time, but if you keep your site updated with new information every week and mark your site that you have done so, your visitors will keep coming, and up to fifty percent will buy.

3. Boost your leads and data base fast.

When you entice your reader with a free report or ezine, they will leave their email address at your web site. Then, you will be able to continue to stay in touch with them. Allow them to download a free chapter or excerpt of your eBook. Illustrate with benefits and a testimonial why they should sign up for your free ezine.

4. Reach new customers worldwide.

Once you get up on the web, many people will come to your site from all over the world. Your ezine or teleclass can connect with people outside your area because your subscribers or participants think so much of you that they forward the good news to their friends and associates. With your free content such as articles, only targeted buyers come, bringing you a much higher rate of sales.

5. Add a new sales channel.

Maybe people know you or your products offline through networking groups or other business ventures. A web site makes you even more respected, and online prospect buyers expect you to have a web site because they love the convenience and speed of online ordering. A web site is your office. Think of the money it saves you from renting one.

6. Increase your existing sales channels.

You may also want to send out occasional post cards, give talks to interested groups, give book signings or radio interviews. Here, you offer take home follow up product ordering page-even for eBooks. Here, you capture your audience's emails by having them sign up for your free ezine or report. On the radio, you can offer your 800 toll free telephone number.

Like me your can offer yourself as a guest speaker for a teleclass on one of your hot topics. On the write ups and on the call, offer a special price on one of your books. Orders will stream in!

7. Reduce support costs.

You would spend far more on rent for a real office and need more equipment and furniture plus more support staff. Online/web marketing is far easier, cheaper and more effective than the mail, telephone or fax. And, when you automate book and coaching sign up and delivery, the sales will roll in like a tropical storm. Using 1shoppingcart has totally catapulted sales for your coach.

8. Reduce the cost of doing business.

In your home-based virtual office, you will have much less overhead. For eBooks, you won't have to spend time or money on postage, packaging, or mailing. They can be downloaded and you don't have to do phone orders. You reduce your dependence on other sales channels such as the brick and mortar bookstore, which only take your book through a distributor or wholesaler. All of these folks take a hefty percentage to greatly reduce your profits--up to 80%. Online bookstores may accept your eBook or print book readily. Visit their sites such as or for details. One thing from your coach-you can make much more money on your sales when you offer your own web site with a good sales letter on it for each book or service.

9. Increase your profits up to ten times.

When you sell your print or eBook to an online Book-selling site, you may receive a commission up to 50%. When you sell your print books Online, they will give you around 30% royalties delivered by check every few months. These monies support the author, not the unwieldy publishing monolith who spends most of its time and money on big-ticket authors. Remember though, you must attract new prospective buyers to that site, so think of writing and submitting articles as your number one way to do this.

10. Reduce your marketing time because email communication is short, fast, and gets to the point quickly.

You don't have to spend time buying stamps and special envelopes and stationery. With a computer assistant, you can look like Barnes and Noble reaching many thousands of online buyers by putting ongoing attention and maintenance on your site. With a little mentoring you too can get thousands of daily visitors instead of just a few.

If you are like me, you will enjoy keeping track of your increasing sales each month. You will enjoy staying in touch with your buyers. When they order on your site you can keep track of them, put them in your address book, and send them follow up information, free bonuses and requests.

Remember, your web site can cost only $500 when you put up just one sales letter and order page. So, don't let price hold you back. Without your own web site, not many will be able to discover your unique, helpful message and fill your bank account too.

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