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Article 58

The Two Biggest Web Site Mistakes and How to Correct Them
Judy Cullins c. 2004

Mistake One: No reason to buy.

Think about what your visitors want. They want free information. They want solutions to their problems. Does your bio or mission statement talk to these needs and desires? Does your home page have headlines that urge your readers to click to your sales message? Do the headlines offer a real, but outrageous benefit? Or, do you have a nice "Welcome" sign, large colorful graphics, and a long paragraph about you, your services, and experience?

Dump the long bio on your home page. Let go of large graphics. They take too long to load. If your site loads in over 10 seconds, you can wave goodbye to your visitors.

Potential clients and customers don't care much about you. They want their needs satisfied, they want solutions, and they want them now—in an easy way.

Mistake Two: You make it difficult or confusing for your visitors to buy.

Look at your Web home page today. Do you make links out of your benefit-driven headlines to compel your visitors to go to your order-pulling sales letter? Does that copywriting sales message pull your reader to your "order page?" Once there, do you make it easy to buy? Check for dead links every few weeks. If you don't make it easy to receive what your potential customer came from, they will leave to try another easier to navigate Web site.

When you resolve these two Web mistakes, you are on your way to many more visitors who will keep returning and eventually buy your products or services.

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