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The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic
Judy Cullins c. 2006

Maybe you’ve tried marketing that isn’t working–that is, it isn’t rewarding you enough money for your time and effort. Press releases,ads, talks, your own ezine, link exchanges, joint ventures, even teleseminars. If you are open to it and see that it works, would you give article marketing a chance. Your coach has used it these past five years and got amazing results.

Results you can Expect with Article Marketing
-1000’s-5000’s of daily visitors
-Increases by the thousands of new subscribers
-Visibility to your biggest audience–the one on the net
-Enough customers and sales to make you smile, even grin

Maybe you resist? It will take too long. Is 30 minutes a day OK for writing time? Think delegation to your assistant to do the web sites submissions in about 4 hours a week. It costs too much?

It’s free except for paying your assistant. It takes writing talent. Think short-200-400 words. Think for every $40 you pay an assistant, those articles will bring you ten, even 100 fold in visitors. If you are a coach or consultant, you can use your client’s challenges and your solutions for a simple article.

Why does your coach know. Because she lives and writes the information you need to do this wonderful game.

Think about these chapters in one book.

Ch. One. Why Write and Submit Free Articles to Promote Your Business Online?

Like Mrs. Field’s free sample cookies, your best way to get more clients and customers who know you as the savvy expert is to get them to your return to your web site is to write short articles and share them freely online. Acting as testimonials they bring results such as top search engine rankings, build your list numbers exponentially, bring large numbers of daily visitors, and new clients and sales to match. Whether you sell a product or service, articles not only brand your business, they make continuous sales for you.

Ch. Two. How to Write Your Short Article Fast

People who buy from you appreciate your useful, unique articles, and feel secure when they read your how to, tip, solution, or interview short articles. Write one in less than an hour and leverage one article to many. Know what articles web sites love so you can get published over and over. Get a blueprint on how to write an outrageous hook, introduction, body and conclusion. Discover why key words will boost your article ratings.

Ch. Three. How to Submit Your Articles to Opt-in No Spam Ezines

When you get your word out via articles to thousands, even 100,000s opt-in (no spam) targeted ezine subscribers you give them reasons to visit your web site. This direct submission way is good for the person starting out with article submissions. When others send you an email saying they like your article, add them to your growing ePublisher email list.

Ch. Four. How to Submit to High-Traffic Web Sites and Ezine Directories

You can build a huge web presence and connect with top web sites for mutual benefit. They publish your article to give their visitors new content, and you get the readers of articles to visit your site. They appreciate your unique, useful, free information. The handy URLs listed in this book give you at least 60 resources in many fields to start with. With the “Streamlined Submission Method” you or your assistant will spend less than a half hour a day getting your word out–to hundreds of thousands a week.

Ch. Five. Market Your Business Through an eNewsletter

When you combine your own ezine with the article submissions, you’ve hit upon a marriage made in cyberspace heaven. When your readers on those 100’s of web sites read your articles, they will return to your site. What for? To subscribe and receive more free information from you. You build your low-number lists to many thousands in less than 6-10 months. Discover why, how to format, where to get content, and how to find subscribers. Get high visibility, create trust, become known as the expert in your field and make sales like the big boys.

Ch. Six. Sell Your Product or Service With Your Own Web Site and Blog

Even if you want to promote to local businesses, you need a web site. You’ll reach much bigger markets with a site or a blog than with press releases or ads.

If Donald Trump’s winning team used a web site to sell wedding dresses in New York, you can too. Your audience surfs the net. When they see your articles out there, make sure you bring them to an excellent web site whose sale copy does the job for what you want to sell. Give visitors a home page that commands action, good content, reasons to buy and easy ways to contact your brick and mortar or order Online. Add a blog or web log to answer questions and let your audience touch you.

Ch. Seven. Online Networking: It’s an Adventure, Not a Job!

Your 500 million plus online audience is waiting to connect with you for mutual benefit. Think about others who know more than you in a particular skill. A techie. An article marketing expert. A coach who can help you with copywriting since so much business marketing is writing. Network with them. Become an associate, even friend. Open your marketing gates to expand your success. Discover steps to connect, what to say, what to expect, and trades to offer. You don’t just make more money, you develop real relationships that make a difference over the long run to your business success.

Good online marketing is relationship marketing. And articles relate with your customers well. Start your article writing adventure now. In just a year, you’ll be thankful you added this number one way to market online.

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